Clean living is not just a fad and brands are taking note

Clean living is not just a fad that we can all expect to see and hear as part of the predictable new year resolutions. Hitwise Data-Day Britain has reported the following key findings:

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Looking to Improve your web conversions? Try the 'LIFT' model

So what is it? Well, the 'LIFT' model is a conversion optimised framework created by Chris Goward. This model allows you to test various methods of improving conversion on your website, which in return will make it easier to get into the mind of your website visitors, allowing you to evaluate key factors.

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Football and Statistics: The Exemplary Rise of the Business of Data

Our exposure to data is changing the way we think about marketing, and drawing comparisons with the current state of football doesn't seem as odd as it sounds.

You have probably heard of Opta. If not because of the brilliant @OptaJoe, but because you religiously watch Sky Sports on a daily basis with a cup of tea laughing at Paul Merson attempting to be a pundit.

Case in point. 

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Data​: Do you know what you're looking for?

Data is important and it allows us to evaluate. But, do you know what you're looking for? Like with any tool you need to know how to use it correctly.

So what am I saying? What does your market instinct tell you? Test your gut feeling when it comes to data. For example, if you have a better conversion rate on a specific landing page design to others, test it, if you sell more products on a Sunday, test it in the data.

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The Fogg Behaviour Model: Increase Conversion Rate

The objective of every marketer is to influence consumer behaviour, and with the digital world we live in it should come as no surprise as to how key this is when it comes to developing websites and landing pages. 

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Marketing and Sales don't get on... or do they?

Despite the fact that 80% of businesses recognise the benefits of greater alignment between
sales and marketing, most (60%) aren’t unifying their divisions. (Randstad, 2015)

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The New Shopping Mission: 'Food-To-Go' Market

The concept of ‘lunch’ has changed rapidly in recent years; a humble made sandwich, bag of crisps and can of pop is being challenged thanks to a shift in consumer lifestyle, influenced by innovations in the food and drink industry. 

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Why You Need To Measure Cost Per Acquisition

As consumers become increasingly savvy and less receptive to unsolicited marketing, it is becoming harder to extract full value from marketing campaigns.
Add to that, the fact that  90% of global marketers are not trained to calculate Return On Marketing Investment (ROMI), and 80% struggle to properly demonstrate the business effectiveness of their spending, campaigns and activities1.
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4 Pointers to Gather Valuable Marketing Insights

Knowing your market and audience should be top of the list for marketers. Market research will tell you where to go and how to get there. You may think that you know your audience inside out already, however, it is always good to keep yourself up-to-date as consumer trends and behaviours are constantly evolving. Quite often marketers are surprised to learn what their target audiences really think of their brand. 

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How to Turn Key Insights into Successful Marketing Campaigns

Delivery of marketing campaigns is as important as their foundation. As David Ogilvy, 'The Father of Advertising' once said:

Information is power, but it has no use if it's not implemented and presented well. So, how can you turn insights into actionable assets and marketing campaigns?

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How to incorporate the Christmas Spirit into B2B marketing

We're in the middle of the festive season and the B2C sector knows how to utilise Christmas to the fullest. But how about B2B? Let's see how B2B marketing strategies can get into the Christmas spirit.

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Manufacturing Tech Trends That Will Dominate in 2017

In the manufacturing industry things are constantly changing, so it’s important to be aware of new trends, especially in the post-Brexit confusion. We have listed the top 5 manufacturing technology trends for you, that we believe will deliver genuine value in your industry next year.

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2017 Marketing Trends

As a data-driven marketing agency we try to help our clients better understand their audiences and discover how to get and stay ahead in the industry. At the moment, however, everyone is subject to the same uncertainty following the Brexit vote.

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The Further Rise of Digital

As eMarketer research indicates, offline marketing solutions like print are slowly but continuously dying. In 2017, print ad spend will drop 1.77% in comparison to 2016*.

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The Truth About Marketing Budgets Post-Brexit

When getting ready for 2017, it is important to know which marketing approach and tactics are going to work best when conveying messages that resonate with the post-Brexit audience. They are the ones that will dictate your further marketing plan and budget allocation.

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Post-Brexit Marketing: Budgets, Trends & Actions For 2017

History has shown that uncertainty creates inaction. Yet modern business and modern Britain demand the opposite.

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How Can Market Research Improve Your Marketing Strategy? [VIDEO]

In the previous episode of the data-driven marketing video series, we have shown you how to analyse data and turn that knowledge into strategy. The analysis of data revealed that Linda, a marketer working for a manufacturing company needs to be producing and sharing more content. 

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HubSpot Growth Stack - What is it anyway?

Inbound 2016 has come to a close and HubSpot users, agencies and commentators have begun banging on about HubSpot's latest marketing phrase: 'The Growth Stack'. 
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2017 Digital Marketing Trends for B2B

As the year draws to a close, everyone is looking forward to the new year and the new opportunities this will bring. Technology is forever evolving and digital marketing is by nature fast and adaptable. So what does this mean for the digital marketer in 2017?

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How Fitness Equipment Manufacturers Can Make an Impact on the Affluent Market

Exploring new markets can be daunting, especially if it’s one that likes to be under-the-radar and discreet. More creative techniques are required to get your brand seen and positioned as the go-to provider for home gym equipment.

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[VIDEO] The Importance of Using a Data-Driven Marketing Approach

Data-driven marketing delivers great results. It helps businesses to increase their revenues, customers' loyalty and much more. Check out the video below and learn more about this great approach to marketing. 

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The Brands That Are Dominating the Healthy Food-on-the-Go Sector

I’ll start this post with some classic British irony. We’ve created technology that enables us to process things faster, move faster and access information faster, but yet we’re all still rushing and are busier than ever before. For food and drink brands, this has presented a new market to engage in: On-the-Go.

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Merry Marketing: How an Integrated Christmas Email Campaign Can Drive Growth

Whether you like it or not, the festive season is upon us. So as we brace ourselves for unbearably busy high streets, the rush to get the last advent calendar and the arduous, lengthy process of choosing a present for Grandad, marketers should be looking to utilise their data streams to target the end user and drive business growth at Christmas.

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Email Marketing: Getting your automation sorted with the right tactics

Nowadays, it’s very rare to find a company that does not use email marketing. The majority use platforms like Dotmailer, Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor, however, have you ever questioned whether you’re using the right tactics to maximise your return on investment?

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Team Catalyst take on the Great Birmingham Run, again!

If one half marathon wasn’t enough for the team at Catalyst, on Sunday 16th October, the team were out for the second consecutive year to take part in the Great Birmingham Run! 

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The DNA of Data: 5 Benefits of a Mature Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

Before we begin drilling down into the specifics, let’s just clarify one thing: there is no single industry that is leading the way when it comes to data maturity, as we’re only at the beginning of this data centric age. But there are early adopters of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), smart devices and location based apps who have been able to implement a business model that operates to a high level of maturity.

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[VIDEO] Learn How to Analyse Data and Extract Key Insights to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Our new video introduces you to Linda, our hypothetical marketing manager at a manufacturing company who is struggling to increase and maintain sales. But when we drill down into the data, there’s clear direction in which to take her digital marketing strategy. 

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The 3 Things to Consider When Marketing To High Net Worth Individuals

We’ve noticed there’s an increasing demand for marketing strategies that effectively reach high net worth individuals (HNWI). Globally there’s around 33 million people who are classed as a HNWI - but this is only going to grow exponentially.

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[VIDEO] Mars: Deliberate capitalisation on consumer ignorance?

‘Healthy’ is fast becoming a commodity, with brands left, right and centre jumping on the trend to appeal to this shift in consumer demand, whether it’s low fat, organic or sports related. This alone explains why sales of protein bars in the UK grew by 58% last year, putting the total value of the category to an impressive £22 million. 

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Exactly What Is Growth Marketing & Why Is It More Sustainable?

When you hear the word ‘growth’ uttered in marketing circles, you automatically think of growth hacking, a term that seems to invoke negativity. It implies a shortcut, or cheating your way to growth through manipulating streams of code. Very shady.

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Google Update: Penguin 4.0 & What It Means for Marketers

It’s been almost 2 years since Google have touched their Penguin algorithm, but the wait is over. Penguin 4.0 is now being rolled out across the entire web, but what does this mean for marketers and should we be doing anything to ensure our websites are protected from penalties?

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How Manufacturing Marketers Can Capitalise on Recent Growth Following Brexit

According to this recent Guardian article, manufacturing output has risen over the last quarter, signifying the post-Brexit slump has now passed. What’s even more encouraging is that this new found growth is expected to continue, with the CBI claiming it’s predominantly down to the food and drink sector.

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Key Insights from HubSpot's State of Inbound 2016 Report

HubSpot recently released its eigth annual State of Inbound report. This 100+ page document provides insights into the challenges, priorities, and strategies from marketers and salespeople around the globe. 

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Why Sports Nutrition Marketers Should Have An Appetite For Organic

Despite low market share, the demand for organic foods and ingredients is on the rise due to behavioural changes in consumers who are seeking alternative ways to sustain a healthy lifestyle. For sports nutrition marketers, this presents an ample opportunity to innovate in this market and capture the growth as it begins.

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Content Marketing & Manufacturing: The Facts You Need to Know

Content marketing for B2B manufacturers may be on the rise, with 81% of companies stating they do some form of content marketing, however when it comes to the effectiveness of their strategy (if there is one), it’s looking pretty shady as only 18% have a documented strategy in place and to top it off only 12% say they are successful at tracking ROI.

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Catalyst's Remembrance Run for Joy

On Sunday 16th October, Catalyst will donn snazzy blue bibs, limber a few lunges and tackle the 13.1 miles of the Great Birmingham Run amongst 20,000 other runners. It’s the second time Catalyst partakes in this half marathon. Last year we raised £1,787.05 for the Motor Neurone Disease Association, a whopping 229% of our target. This year we aim even higher with a bigger team to support this worthy cause that holds special significance for Managing Director, Joe Birkedale.

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Using Big Data to Drive Bigger Profits: What Every Marketer Should Know

We’ve seen data start out as an added bonus to marketing campaigns to now being the catalyst to success. As consumer behaviour changes regularly, it becomes harder to precisely narrow down and target our audience.

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Why Programmatic Advertising Is the Future of Video Content Marketing

According to a recent Cisco study, 82% of all consumer internet traffic will come from video content by 2020. This means that in the near future, copy heavy blogs, infographics, images and other media content will account for just 18% of all internet traffic.

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Embracing Technology: 4 Trends for Manufacturing Marketers That Will Drive Growth

We’re going to put it out there; it’s hardly visionary to expect the manufacturing industry to soon be entirely data-driven. The cutting edge connected technologies that have, or are, emerging present a somewhat obvious premonition into the future whereby the intel garnered throughout the entire supply chain can be shared and used to make operations smoother and the end product more targeted to consumer demand. 

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Business Inspiration for Health Food Startups in Birmingham

Given our new obsession with all things ‘raw’ and healthy, the UK has seen an influx in new food and drink businesses, launching an array of new products for the health conscious consumer. From vegan alternatives to vegetable smoothies, these new businesses are feeding the demand for a nutritionally packed diet and all round healthy lifestyle.

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[VIDEO] 6 Awesome Data-Driven Marketing Tools

Welcome to part two of our data-driven marketing vlog! This week we're discussing the best online tools (some of them are free) on the market that enable us to garner the latest insights and high quality data about our audience. 

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How Data-Driven Marketing Is Powering Up The Sports Nutrition Market

With display ad click-through-rates decreasing to 0.06% and the introduction of ad blockers, consumers are actively avoiding online adverts to forge more control over their internet experience. This is leading the sports nutrition industry to be more targeted in its approach to tap into emerging new markets interested in health and fitness.

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Catalyst Take Growth Marketing Services to The Big Smoke

Due to popular demand, we’re now offering our growth marketing services in London, expanding our reach across the land and putting us on the path to world domination.

(Don’t worry, we’ll use our power for good).

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[VIDEO] Data-Driven Marketing: Explained

Data-driven marketing is now used by 78% of marketers, and for good reason. Through key insights about your audience, garnered through various online tools and business intelligence, you’re able to create a customer centric marketing strategy and really drill down into your prospect’s pains.

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A Manufacturer’s Guide to Email Marketing: Back to Basics

Sometimes, with the increased technologies at our disposal and endless new ways of working, it’s good to revisit the basics. A proven lead generating channel, those companies that nurture leads via email marketing produce 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost. With the manufacturing industry on the rise and a new digital focus, customer acquisition can be achieved.

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Rio 2016, Doping & Sports Nutrition Trends for Marketers

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games are underway and we’ve bagged a few Gold medals already - but not in the same vain as Russia. In a controversial decision, Russian athletes who tested positive for doping during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi have been allowed to compete in this year’s games, causing frustration amongst many in that it degrades the meaning of being a professional athlete.

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How Birmingham Manufacturers Can Continue To Outperform & Grow

We’re known as the Workshop of the World, the City of a Thousand Trades; Birmingham is an industrial powerhouse coming from humble bicycle beginnings to ground-breaking advanced engineering developments. And despite all the political rouse we’ve encountered in the past couple of months, manufacturing in the second city remains largely unscathed, homing seven volume car manufacturers as well as 17 of the world’s top 20 suppliers for the automotive industry. 

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Why We Love the Jewellery Quarter (And You Should Too!)

Day and night, autumn and spring, summer and winter, all year round, the Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter surprises its visitors, residents and professionals working in the area with surroundings and views that inspire them to think outside the box. The area’s distinct location, architecture and ethos feeds local companies with an unlimited flow of creative flair that helps them look at problems from a new perspective and find solutions for the years to come.

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Thinking is Key for Insight-Driven Marketing

We've talked a fair bit recently about data-driven marketing. Now it's time to discuss the next step: insight-driven marketing.  

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Why Pokémon Go Is a Magnet for Marketing

So, as humanity continues in its quest to catch virtual, fictional (but adorable) creatures via smartphones around the globe, all whilst being ran over and casually walking off cliffs, marketers have got dollar signs in their eyes.

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