The Top 8 Benefits of Using HubSpot CMS for Your Upcoming Website

The HubSpot CRM (content management system) provides a host of powerful tools for customer-facing teams (sales, marketing, service, etc.) to better engage with prospects and customers.

From the top of the funnel to the bottom, HubSpot CMS has features for everyone…

…But why should you care?

Yes, we recommend the HubSpot CMS for many of our clients, and it is one of the best CMS options out there; it’s very powerful, and has a broad spectrum of tools at its disposal, but it’s not for every business.

So, to help you decide whether the HubSpot CMS is right for your growing SME, we’ve put together a list of the top 8 benefits of using this specific content management system.

However, before we start, let’s quickly run through what HubSpot’s CMS actually is:


What is HubSpot CMS?

HubSpot’s CMS is ‘A free suite of content management tools for marketers and developers.’ It’s designed for you to build a website that’s tailored to growing your business. 

A functional website requires forms, kickback emails, live chat, analytics and much, much more. HubSpot’s CMS (which has both free and premium versions) offers many of the critical features that will help you build a website that’s centred around user experience.


What are the benefits of using HubSpot CMS?

User-Friendly Interface

HubSpot’s CMS is designed with ease of use in mind, making it accessible for both experienced developers and those new to website management. Its intuitive interface allows users to create and edit content without extensive technical knowledge.

This is great for smaller businesses just starting out on their digital journey, as it allows you to edit modules and your website content quickly and easily using their drag and drop functionality. It’s as easy to use as it sounds – simply drag the modules you want into place and drop ‘em in. 

Custom modules can be built through a developer if you’re after a more bespoke website. To learn more about how bespoke modules work, speak to our website design experts


Integrated Marketing Tools

HubSpot’s marketing tools are really powerful, and the CMS is tightly integrated with both the marketing and sales tools, providing seamless functionality for inbound marketing strategies.

This integration allows for better tracking of website performance, lead generation, and customer engagement, which is pretty important if you enjoy driving more leads.

By integrating with marketing tools, HubSpot’s CMS makes it easy to build one-off landing pages without a developer. So, if you’ve got an upcoming marketing campaign, you can do it all yourself – nice!


Personalisation Capabilities

Need your website to look different depending on who visits it? HubSpot’s CMS  allows you to personalise content based on the visitor type, their behaviour, preferences and demographics.

For example, you may choose to show a different landing page based on geography. People from London might see something different to visitors from Manchester. 

This allows businesses to improve individual user experience and helps increase the likelihood of conversion. 


Responsive Design

Prefer something quick and easy when it comes to your website design?

HubSpot’s CMS offers responsive templates and themes, ensuring that your website looks great and functions properly across various devices and screen sizes. 

This is essential for providing a positive user experience and improving search engine rankings (especially as Google prioritises mobile-first optimisation; your website needs to function really well on mobile if you want to snag that number 1 spot on Google!).


SEO-Friendly Features

HubSpot’s CMS comes with built-in SEO tools and features to help optimise your website for search engines. 

This includes customisable meta tags, sitemaps, and the ability to create SEO-friendly URLs, making it easier to attract organic traffic.

If you have a small team, or are just experimenting with SEO, these features are incredibly useful. 


Security and Reliability

Cyber attacks are on the rise, with cyber criminals growing more confident and craftier as time goes on. 

Fortunately, HubSpot’s CMS provides robust security features, including SSL encryption, a 24/7 security team, regular backups, and protection against malware and hackers. 

Additionally, HubSpot’s cloud-based infrastructure ensures high uptime and reliability for your website; the CMS Hub is designed to take care of your website’s security and hosting, allowing you to focus on growing your business. 



Whether you’re running a small business website or a large enterprise platform, HubSpot’s CMS can scale to meet your needs.

As your requirements change, HubSpot can:

  • Easily add additional pages
  • Modules can be formed to extend pages
  • Testimonials and global modules can be added
  • Reviews can automatically populate as they come in

Many businesses start small with HubSpot CMS then add on features/grow their membership as and when they need it. 


Analytics and Reporting: 

A website’s success relies on good data and in-depth reporting. HubSpot’s CMS makes working based on analytics easier than ever. 

HubSpot’s CMS provides comprehensive analytics and reporting tools to track website performance, user behaviour, and conversion metrics. This data enables you to make informed decisions and optimise your website for better results.

Rather than working based on guesswork, you can optimise the performance of your website based on metrics that are relevant to your business. Analyse:

  • Traffic numbers
  • Conversion rates
  • Campaign efficacy
  • CTA success rate

And much more!


Is the HubSpot CMS right for you?

As a blog about the benefits of HubSpot CMS, this has, naturally, been quite positive. 

However, as mentioned earlier, it’s not for every business (and that’s coming from us, a HubSpot Diamond Partner Agency!). 

To help determine whether HubSpot’s CMS is right for you, we recommend talking to our dedicated specialists

We’re on hand to give objective advice on whether HubSpot is right for you, or if you should opt for a different CMS instead. 

Speak to lead generation specialists.


We’re on hand to give objective advice on whether HubSpot is right for you, or if you should opt for a different CMS instead. 

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