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By using information from our research, we’re able to generate 67% more leads on average.

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It all starts with the Growth Audit

Our specialist approach to building a tailored digital marketing strategy.

If you’re given 4 hours to chop down a tree, spend the first 3 sharpening the axe. 

Here’s how we do it

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The Growth Audit

The Growth Audit
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The Growth Audit Process

Discovery meeting

Learning all about your business, warts and all.

Our discovery meeting process is where your curated Catalyst marketing team will sit down with key stakeholders, helping us to better understand your people, goals and existing challenges. 

This discovery meeting will inform much of the initial strategy, but we’ll always work closely alongside you throughout to ensure your marketing needs are met at all times. Consider this your opportunity to meet your brand-new marketing team.

Start your growth journey.

Embracing client challenges and excelling every single day.

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A new website & marketing strategy for workspace specialists.

Learn a little about how we boosted Rhino’s growth.

increase in lead generation

Rhino deliver stunning workplaces for businesses across the UK. Their existing website wasn’t showcasing their incredible work, and they needed more marketing hands on deck to take their digital strategy to the next level.

Help Centre for digital marketing


See the most frequently asked questions about digital marketing here.

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Help Centre for digital marketing


See the most frequently asked questions about digital marketing here.

Find your answer and speak to us today >

A thorough digital marketing strategy has the power to significantly increase brand recognition and drive consumer engagement. Identifying the ideal target audience and customer is vital when creating content that speaks directly to consumers’ needs and interests and therefore, generating relevant high-quality leads that benefit you.

There are many factors involved in successful digital marketing, and if your business has no prior experience or limited time and resources, getting started can be really difficult. The purpose of a digital marketing agency is to handle all of this for you; we’ll become your marketing department, helping you to create strategies, campaigns and content to drive warm, relevant leads and boost your brand.   

Competitor research is essential if you want to set yourself apart from other businesses. As you start your marketing journey, you should be aware of who your key competitors are and evaluate their marketing strategies for strengths and weaknesses. This will help you to make informed decisions regarding your own strategy and stay one step ahead of the competition.

A growth strategy is a plan based on a specific marketing goal, such as increasing revenue, launching a product or campaign, or increasing traffic to your website. 

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