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Instant, relevant and qualified traffic to your website. 

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If SEO is the long game, PPC is the short game

PPC is like a cheat code in a video game, it lets you jump the search engine queue and get eyes on your website immediately. Carefully crafted PPC campaigns are a great supplement to your other marketing efforts.

Here’s how it works

The secret to PPC that converts

Keyword research

Understanding your keywords is a crucial step when putting your ads together to generate PPC leads.

As PPC is highly targeted, it’s essential for you to know what your potential customers are searching for, and ensure that your ads are crafted to suit.

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How to Create a Website that Delivers Leads

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How to Create a Website that Delivers Leads

Growth is the aim of the game……Here’s a selection of happy clients!

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Bureau Veritas UK have ambitious growth targets this year, and digital lead generation plays an integral part of our marketing strategy. Having worked with digital marketing agencies in the past, we were keen to partner with an agency who we could work well with and could adapt to our complex business needs. Catalyst have been able to do just that.
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Award-Winning Inbound Marketing

Helping our friends at Purbeck grow better with inbound marketing.

increase in applications

Purbeck have renewed for four years straight with Catalyst. The reason? We’re consistently delivering results.

From onboarding them onto HubSpot and creating their website through to segmented and behavioural based email workflows, content, PPC and SEO. We have it all covered.

And the results speak for themselves. Read more about their journey with us.

Help Centre for PPC


See the most frequently asked questions about PPC here.

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Help Centre for PPC


See the most frequently asked questions about PPC here.

Find your answer and speak to us today >

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is where businesses pay a fee each time someone interacts with their advert. It works by displaying the advert whenever the relevant keyword is searched. This method allows businesses to control advertising budgets and track campaign performance by analysing click-through and conversion rates.

The cost of PPC advertising depends on a variety of factors including the budget you have allocated for advertising and the industry you're in.  Attracting PPC leads is almost always a worthy investment, as it can help drive relevant traffic to your website and the potential returns can be massive.

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