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Work Smarter- Lead Generation for improved Sales in 2022

Is your business’ lead generation strategy ready to go for 2022? As the world gets back to normal, we all need to make sure our marketing’s up to scratch.

February / Paul Houston
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The Great Marketing Hoax

Search for ‘marketing agency’ on Google and you will find 293m results. From back bedroom outfits ...

7 April 18 / Sarah Groves
3 Minutes Blogs

Why You Should Never Follow Your Head OR Your Heart in Decision Making

  Any tangible outcome that comes from a strategy based on the head or the heart is pure luck, not ...

7 April 18 / Sarah Groves

Will someone please make me feel positive about GDPR?

The new GDPR regulations come into play on 25th May 2018. And if you’re part of the financial ...

9 February 18 / Amrik Sahota

This Marketing Agency is Under New Management...

A potent partnership of marketing in the Midlands have teamed up again to bring a range of services ...

15 January 18 / Doug Fairbrother

GDPR: What Marketers Need to Know about consent

Consent is perhaps one of the most important aspects of GDPR, and marketers will need to pay close ...

1 September 17 / Doug Fairbrother

GDPR & HubSpot - What it Means to you and what you need to do next

GDPR - What is it?   The General Data Protection Regulation is a regulation that impacts all forms ...

10 August 17 / Doug Fairbrother

Marketing Evolution: Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is becoming increasingly popular amongst B2B businesses, but how did ...

6 June 17 / Doug Fairbrother

Is It All A Myth? Left Brain vs. Right Brain Marketing

We’ve all heard of the left brain vs. right brain debate. Psychologists and personality theorists ...

23 May 17 / Doug Fairbrother
3 Minutes

How ‘Social Influencers’​ Are Changing the Marketing Game.

We’ve all seen it, you go onto Instagram and there will be a celebrity you follow sat drinking ...

9 May 17 / Doug Fairbrother

Account Based Marketing: Let Me Tell You How It Is

So you’ve probably seen my posts about Account Based Marketing (ABM), but do you know what it is ...

3 May 17 / Doug Fairbrother

Football and Statistics: The Exemplary Rise of the Business of Data

Our exposure to data is changing the way we think about marketing, and drawing comparisons with the ...

3 February 17 / Amrik Sahota

Data​: Do you know what you're looking for?

Data is important and it allows us to evaluate. But, do you know what you're looking for? Like with ...

31 January 17 / Doug Fairbrother

Marketing and Sales don't get on... or do they?

Despite the fact that 80% of businesses recognise the benefits of greater alignment between sales ...

23 January 17 / Doug Fairbrother

Why You Need To Measure Cost Per Acquisition

As consumers become increasingly savvy and less receptive to unsolicited marketing, it is becoming ...

17 January 17 / Doug Fairbrother

4 Pointers to Gather Valuable Marketing Insights

Knowing your market and audience should be top of the list for marketers. Market research will tell ...

12 January 17 / Doug Fairbrother
3 Minutes

IAB Presents Content & Native Advertising Definitions

We're always trying to stay ahead of the game, so when the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) ...

7 May 14 / Doug Fairbrother
60 Seconds

Better Customer Engagement for Better Customers

Do you spend too much time advising unprofitable clients?   If 80% of your turnover comes from 20% ...

6 May 14 / Doug Fairbrother
60 Seconds

UK Marketers Need More Robust Content Marketing Strategies

A study by Content Marketing Institute reveals that UK marketers are on the ball when it comes to ...

1 May 14 / Doug Fairbrother
60 Seconds

Marketing Automation Enhances Content Marketing Efforts

We're always trying to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in the marketing ...

30 April 14 / Doug Fairbrother
3 Minutes

Study Reveals Consumers Prefer Content Marketing From The Experts

We were recently looking into a study on content conducted by Nielsen and InPowered, the results of ...

29 April 14 / Doug Fairbrother
60 Seconds

Inbound Marketing Becoming Increasingly Attractive

Inbound marketing has turned out to be one of the hottest trends in the industry – and we should ...

28 April 14 / Doug Fairbrother
60 Seconds

Just 36% Of The UK's Top 100 Brands Have Mobile-Optimised Sites

The "European Mobile Optimisation" survey by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) revealed that ...

24 April 14 / Doug Fairbrother
60 Seconds

UK A World Leader In Content Marketing – But Challenges Still Remain

We're always pleased to hear good things about the UK's marketing sector, so when we came across ...

23 April 14 / Doug Fairbrother
60 Seconds

Most People Visit Social Media Sites Via Mobile Devices

The trend in using mobile devices and shunning desktops is showing no signs of slowing down, with ...

17 April 14 / Doug Fairbrother
60 Seconds

Mobile Commerce To Grow 62% This Year

A survey conducted by digital coupon marketplace RetailMeNot, which is also the owner of similar ...

16 April 14 / Doug Fairbrother
60 Seconds

Sharing On Twitter Up 43% In Q1 Whilst Email Use Drops

Content sharing on Twitter rose by 43% in the first quarter of this year according to the SharThis ...

14 April 14 / Doug Fairbrother
60 Seconds

Mobile Advertising Expanding At Six Times The Speed Of Desktop

The increasing adoption of smartphones and tablets is driving robust growth in mobile advertising, ...

10 April 14 / Doug Fairbrother
60 Seconds

Common Content Marketing mistakes you need to avoid.

Great content marketing is about teaching your audience, educating them - not waving your latest ...

8 April 14 / Doug Fairbrother
60 Seconds

Native Advertising Should Be Brand-Relevant, Not Just Platform-Relevant

Native advertising has been defined by market research firm Forrester as sponsored content that ...

2 April 14 / Doug Fairbrother
60 Seconds

Securing Your Identity With Brand Guidelines

Your brand identity is everything. From the way employees answer the phone to large scale ...

1 April 14 / Doug Fairbrother