Get Ahead & Nail Your Summer Silly Season Marketing

Get Ahead & Nail Your Summer Silly Season Marketing

It’s perfectly natural for many of us to slow down in the summer, especially when it comes to our sales and marketing efforts, but what if we told you that this shouldn’t be the case?

While you may find it difficult to get stuff done when most of your team are jetting off here, there and everywhere, the summer months actually provide a superb opportunity for you to get ahead of the competition.

But why exactly is this, and what should you be doing during the summer silly season in order to prepare for those busy autumn months?

Why bother in the summer silly season?

Look, we get it, what’s the point in marketing when your target audience are on holiday and not in decision making mode?

Well, we’re not suggesting that you market in the summer, we’re suggesting that you prepare for when the summer is over!

Think of this time as a great chance to get your marketing ready for September while all of your competitors are lolling around in the sun. 

You’ve got two options for how you tackle the silly season:

  • Don’t bother with sales and marketing, it’s not going to work right now anyway, so why try?
  • Partner with a marketing agency and get all the groundwork sorted ready to hit the ground running in September.

Option 1 is what most businesses choose, resulting in a huge scramble to sort your marketing when September rears its ugly head. This usually means that you’re not ready to go live until around November, at which point you’ve missed your chance.

Option 2, on the other hand, means that you’re ready to go immediately when September rolls around. 

If you choose option 2, you’re almost certainly going to find yourself way ahead of your competition throughout the entirety of the autumn – who wouldn’t want that?

So, there’s a clear winner; you should get ahead now and reap the benefits when September arrives. This leaves one burning question:

What do you need to do?

You get it, you need to start immediately to avoid a slump and beat your competitors. 

This can be a little overwhelming though, and time’s not on your side. That’s why we recommend talking to an accomplished marketing agency who are experts at preparing evidenced-based marketing strategies for businesses just like yours over the summer.


The earlier you get in touch, the better. The summer months are prime time to get everything prepped and ready to go. You’ll need to:

  • Plan out and prepare your autumn marketing campaigns.
  • Create a detailed strategy timeline to ensure everything stays on time.
  • Revisit your business proposition to make sure it’s an accurate representation of your business.
  • Check to see if your website needs a refresh.
  • Optimise all content to improve conversion rates.
  • Revamp and optimise your ads.

It sounds like a lot and, to be honest, it is a lot to do, but it’s all essential for success. If you feel that you’ll struggle to get this all done internally, don’t hesitate to outsource your marketing.

Many businesses see the long list of what needs to be done and put it off, which is the worst thing to do as it means a desperate scramble once the silly summer is over.

Don’t wait, get it done today.

Beat silly summer with Catalyst

At Catalyst, we believe that the summer months are the perfect time to prep, plan and get ahead. 

We recommend getting in touch as soon as possible. This gives us as much time to work with you and your team to create a killer marketing campaign that will accelerate your growth through autumn and beyond. 

Talk to our specialists today to find out how we’ll get you past the summer slump.