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Perfectly balanced, as all things should be

Building a great website requires time, effort and expertise to get right.

Your website is your best sales tool, and shouldn’t be skimped on

On average, websites we build increase first-page visibility on Google by 42%, engagement by 22% and improve conversion by over 100%

A good website should be stylish with a good user experience. Oh, it should also generate high-quality leads, be easy to navigate, be simple to manage, maintain strong SEO principles, provide engaging content and make a superb cup of tea.

While we haven’t cracked a website that’ll make a great cuppa (yet), we’ve nailed the rest of the list. Having an efficient, functional website that ticks all the boxes is a cornerstone of modern digital marketing. Every successful business will invest in their website as they understand its inherent value.

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Skye Wellbeing - A HubSpot Showcase

Skye Wellbeing is the UK's most comprehensive employee wellbeing service, yet their website was static and had poor conversions. Catalyst worked with Skye Wellbeing to deliver a site that reflected their expertise. Built on the HubSpot CMS their site is now visible to their audience, engaging and more importantly, converts.

skye2-iPhone X Dark-677x549
skye-3-inch iPad Pro

Purbeck Insurance - Personal Guarantees

Purbeck Insurance are a personal guarantee insurance provider. Their brand looked great, but it didn't reflect their personality nor stood out from the competition well enough. Catalyst developed the brand with tongue-in-cheek references and built out the website to improve conversions.


Nebula IT - Microsoft Support on HubSpot

Nebula IT provide IT support for Bristol's growing companies as well as offering technical support for the Microsoft Office 365 services. Nebula IT had a great looking site, but where not converting leads or ranking for searches. Catalyst designed and developed their site with HubSpot at its core to ensure a lead-generation was always a priority.

nebula-IT-inch iPad Pro
nebula-nav-UX-inch iPad Pro-2

Machine Advertising - A WordPress Showcase

Machine Advertising developed a fantastic solution that helps marketing teams identify false ad spend with fraudulent suppliers. A complicated offering that needed to be communicated and showcased in just the right manner. Catalyst developed the brand and website on WordPress, ensuring the user journeys shared the right insight at just the right moments.

machine-responsive-new-home copy

Cypherly - An Amazon Solution on WordPress

Cypherly developed a solution that aids Amazon FBA sellers to identify upcoming trends and spot opportunities for new product lines. Cypherly approached Catalyst to develop a site that showcased the app in an easy to digest manner, along with a professional look and feel.

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Content management systems we build on

E-commerce powerhouse
Designed for marketeers, developers and IT teams


Why use HubSpot

HubSpot’s CMS platform provides a seamless digital experience. We love using it because it focuses on growth driven design, meaning that it’s the easiest platform to adjust in tandem with your growth. You can get even more out of the CMS by coupling it with HubSpot’s marketing platform, too.

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The world’s favourite website builder


The top dog

Wordpress is the CMS that you bring home to meet your parents. It’s reliable, highly functional and used by the majority of websites on the internet. Capable of a lot of bespoke design, Wordpress gives us the freedom to create the website that you’ve always envisioned.

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Not just a store builder


Why use Shopify

Shopify is a commerce platform which is uniquely tailored to set up your dream online store. Using Shopify allows you to seamlessly sync your online and physical presence, providing us the tools to fully customise your online shop to fit the expectations of your customers.

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E-commerce for any business


E-commerce and analysis

Magento provides a nice balance of e-commerce functionality and reporting tools. By linking with the Adobe Experience Cloud, Magento lets us fully integrate your content and marketing into one seamless tool.

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User experience (UX) – the key ingredient

It’s very easy to get carried away making your website look snazzy, but the unfortunate reality is that if it’s not easy to use, it won’t convert visitors to leads. 

Your UX needs to be fully optimised to align with your objectives. A website that’s meticulously crafted will be easy to use and will guide visitors to your key landing pages. Obviously, aesthetics are important, but usability is paramount. 

What makes you tick?

Understanding your specific requirements is, perhaps obviously, very important when building a website. We’ll work with you to pin down your target audience, buyer journey and objectives of the new website.

We’ll use this analysis to determine what elements of the website should be carried across, and what weaker areas need developing. If your current website has heat tracking software, we can also analyse individual levels of engagement per page.

Now we get snazzy

A good-looking website creates that vital positive first impression. If you’ve ever visited a dated website, you’ll know that they really do look naff, which reflects poorly on the business. 

Stylish designs will draw attention to where it’s needed and encourage valuable clicks. Your website’s design will be influenced by your brand, research and UX requirements, which all have a significant impact on conversion rates.

Content is king – Bill Gates

Bill Gates has had a few good ideas in his lifetime, and when he popularised this phrase back in 1996, he couldn’t have been more correct.

Your website’s content should be informative, targeted and SEO driven. It’s not enough to just get someone on your website, you need to engage them. Modern users are savvy enough to realise when they’re being sold something. In order to gain their interest, you’ll have to provide something genuinely useful. This can come in the form of articles, blogs, guides, FAQs, or even tips and tricks; it all adds up.

Clean code, every time

We pride ourselves on keeping our code clean & straightforward, adhering to best practises to ensure other developers can pick up and understand the structure, negating the need for expensive future redevelopments.

It’s important that your website’s responsive and functional on all devices. Our development methods ensure that all users have a positive experience, improving conversion rates.

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How to create a website that delivers leads
Premier Labels Case Study Image
Case study

98% Increase in Inbound Leads Generated for Premier Labels

Prior to working together Premier Labels had little to no previous marketing experience. Approaching an agency to partner with can be a daunting prospect with a lot of uncertainty. Thankfully, the team at Premier Labels put their trust in Catalyst to partner with them for their long-term growth.

Transforming an out-dated brand, a broken website, and little-to-no marketing presence into a market leading, stand-out name has been a rewarding journey. Read on to find out how we introduced marketing and a new brand to grow the business to record heights.


One of our KPIs (enquiry rate) has increased 200% since engaging with Catalyst and they provide high quality deliverables. Catalyst is an agile organisation that is not afraid to challenge the status quo of our business and our operations. Would highly recommend.

Todd Davison, Purbeck Insurance

Catalyst have helped us rejuvenate our brand with a new look and feel and rolled out a new website. We are now working on a number of different strategies where we anticipate seeing a great return for us in the near future. I'm looking forward to the continued success of our partnership

Greg Devenish, Premier Labels

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