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We'd like to give you a free, 17 part report providing an in-depth insight into where your digital marketing is, where it needs to be, and how you can get there.

With your personalised report you'll be able to focus-in on the areas that need improving, make the recommended changes and move forward. Then, when you're ready you can come back and get another free report to see how you've improved.

  • Digital Marketing Report for JCB by Catalyst
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Website Audit

Find out exactly where to focus on to improve your website's performance.

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Competitor Analysis

See your competitors' strong and weak points and make informed decisions.

Read what others say about our reports:

Really helped me narrow down where we were going wrong. Within 3 minutes I had zeroed in on the issue. 

Managing Director. Baconinflate

The competitors report was a real eye opener for the management board - it really threw a light on where our competitors were strong - and weak.

Operations Director. Beeline

Free, fast and helpful. The report told me what I already hoped was true - our website was working well. Thank you guys.

Marketing Exec. Pearcemayfield