Why Work With a B2B Sales and Marketing Agency?

Why Work With a B2B Sales and Marketing Agency?

Have you ever wondered how you could do more? How to try something different to help your business grow? Well, perhaps it’s time to speak to an agency.

There are a number of reasons why a business invests in a marketing partner such as ourselves. The main reason is that they’re looking to grow, sooner rather than later.

So why would you consider an agency?

Marketing, duh. I hear you whisper to yourself.

Well yes, you’re not wrong there. But it’s more than that.

There are 100s of marketers out there, agencies, freelancers and professionals who offer their time to deliver the wonders of marketing.

Yet, that’s not the sole reason you should be partnering with an agency, simply rather, it’s the bare minimum. The first tick-box of many.

The many hats you wear

This is one of those many tick-boxes, when we speak to businesses like yours, we often find you’re working on more than just your specific job role.


You may be participating in the sales process, organising the operations, ensuring HR is up to date, and frantically working on your latest marketing activity.

However, as admirable as that is, it does detract you from your primary role. You should be spending more time working ON the business and less time IN the business.

When you partner with an agency they should analyse your business, identify areas of weakness and address those areas; implementing processes and strategy to achieve your end goal. This frees you up to spend more time on the thing that matters most.

Chasing your tail

How confident are you in your current sales pipeline? Do you know where the future growth opportunities are? Do you know the predicted revenue for the next year and beyond? If so, skip past this point as it sounds like you’ve got a solid pipeline in place. If not, then let’s continue.

Marketing must deliver results.

Businesses need a ‘return on their investment’ more than ever, and we help our clients achieve their goals by implementing a ‘cradle to grave’ sales process of brand awareness/education, lead generation, cross/up-selling, closing and retention.

As a result, you can rest assured that you have a healthy stream of opportunities not just for the short-term, but also for the long-term.



This leads us on nicely to another challenging area for every business – cash flow.

We all know cash is king, and the idea of partnering with an agency can appear daunting and expensive at first, yet that couldn’t be further from the truth.

An agency, such as Catalyst, will deliver a predictable and prosperous pipeline which in turn, will positively impact your P&L. It’s an investment that will help grow your business, and within 6-12 months, pay for itself.

The right agency should also offer to spread the cost of said investment, there is no reason to pay a sizeable sum in one go. Look for a partner that offers the option of spreading the investment, reducing risk and reducing pressure on cash flow.

Furthermore, we can even help you finance your marketing investment via our very own funding partner – whether it’s through loan or some form of invoice discounting, we have a finance facility to suit.

Measurement & Optimisation

I’ve briefly touched on this previously, but any investment in marketing needs to be measurable and must provide an ROI, otherwise you may as well burn the cash.

There are the odd exceptions of course, but your marketing partner must prove its efforts are having a positive impact. For instance, we deliver transparent KPI reports that highlight the effects of our marketing strategy, its contribution to the business and the ROI as a result.

We then use that insight to improve the conversions of our efforts. Can we keep on improving the ROI, and if so, by how much? Conversion optimisation is an essential part of marketing – one that we fully embrace.

The agreed KPIs also help us understand where we should be focusing more of our time and effort. If a particular channel or campaign is driving far greater results, then why wouldn’t you want to grow that?


Now, fast forward three months – we’re seeing your pipeline grow; more deals are closing and we’re seeing positive results all round.

Yet, can your business deliver that additional work? Possibly, but also likely you’ll need to expand the team. The right agency will also position you to grow internally as well as externally, using the right employer branding.

Your agency should also support the delivery of such work where possible. For instance, the implemented framework and processes we utilise are all scalable. We ensure everything we put in place is sustainable for your business.

Furthermore, we are also able to scale our operations on demand. Having access to a diverse skill set of an agency enables you to pursue growth opportunities with much quicker effect.

Kicking on

Whether you’re looking for help optimising your lead generation efforts, revitalising your branding and proposition, building a killer new website, or much more, we can help.

Our team at Catalyst are B2B marketing experts. We work closely with our clients to deliver tangible, measurable results, helping them develop marketing strategies that prove effective time after time.

Want to find out more? Let’s talk.

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