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What Does
Look Like?

Clients, leads and sales

Whether you're building awareness or completing sales, it all relies on growth.

Depending on your objectives, success can look very different


It's easy to market to the widest possible audience and hope for the best, but it's not the most efficient (or successful) way to get your brand out there.

The key to successful lead generation is a specialist approach; identify your ideal audience and target them with a multi-faceted lead generation strategy that touches on all bases, leaving no stone unturned and ensuring a better marketing spend that delivers warm, interested leads.

What's lead gen good for?

Without leads, there are no sales...

...and without sales, there is no business. Simple, really. We understand pains & frustrations that come with a lack of leads. Getting things started requires a methodical approach. That's where we step in. We'll comb through every aspect of your business, identifying areas of opportunity, proactively turning a lead slump into tangible growth.

Build visibility and awareness

Whether you're a new start-up, or an established business that's operated on referrals for years, there's never been a better time to start making some noise. Building interest in, and awareness of, your business brings with it all sorts of benefits, and you can be sure that if you're not making the noise, your competitors will be.

Leverage happy customers

We all* know how the internet works, and understand how to best to use it. When shopping around for a product or service, most people will check the competition and reviews before purchasing. Your audience is no different. Leverage happy customers for reviews and case studies to act as proof points to win more business; it's the perfect loop.


How happy are our clients with our lead generation?


Right time, right place

A lot of marketing is about good timing. We'll ensure that your marketing is in the right place, in front of the right audience at the right time.

At the end of the day, our goal is to grow your business. We do this by generating genuine interest in your offering, keeping your pipeline consistently packed with relevant leads, ready for you to convert.

Lead generation tools

Email Automation - Catalyst Lead Generation Agency
SEO - Catalyst Lead Generation Agency
Account Based Marketing - Catalyst Lead Generation Agency
Account Based
Content marketing-icn
PPC - Catalyst Lead Generation Agency
Social - Catalyst Lead Generation Agency
Social Advertising - Catalyst Lead Generation Agency

Email Automation

The humble email is still one of the best tools in a marketeer’s toolbox

Email marketing is an excellent way to either warm up cold data, or nurture existing warm leads. Automation takes out the manual, time-consuming labour required when sending out emails. By using automation software, you ensure that contacts receive relevant, specific content at a logical timing.

CEP Image - Catalyst Lead Generation Agency

Search Engine Optimisation

The safest place to hide a dead body? Page 2 of Google

Search engine optimisation (SEO) – every business’ nemesis. Implementing good SEO is a fine balance between keywords, quality content and backlinks, which work together to improve your authority in search engines. Right now, people are searching online for solutions to the problems your business solves. We can help to ensure they find you and not a competitor.


Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Get your message in front of the right people.

If you know the exact accounts that you want onboard, targeting them directly with ABM might be the best way forward. ABM involves us specifying a handful of ideal clients and creating tailored content aimed specifically at the key decision makers we need to influence. The content we create and send out is customised based on each individual decision maker’s pain points and challenges.


Content Marketing

Not content marketing? You’re missing out

Good content’s there to establish you as an authority in your sector while bringing interested leads to your site. Is it magic? It might well be. We’ll write content for you that engages (it’s got to be good to read), informs (people click on your blogs for information, after all), ranks (on search engines) and converts (which is why you’re here). Content is key to any modern business’ success.


PPC (Pay per click)

Pay-per-click lets you jump the queues on search engines

PPC is a great way to get your content in front of interested parties. It’s highly likely that the person searching is close to making an investment in the services that you offer, as they’re already searching for specific keywords that are relevant to your business. By directing the user to excellent, insightful content, you establish yourself as a knowledgeable player in your sector, all while generating a warm lead - nice.


Public Relations (PR)

Not just for when you’ve done something wrong

Keeping in the public’s good graces is a balancing act. Get your PR wrong and it’ll have the opposite effect to what you intended; get it right and it can be a boon for your lead generation efforts. We manage carefully constructed PR campaigns that are designed to shine your brand in a good light while generating warm leads and improving SEO performance – doesn’t get much better than that!

TouchTunes PR-PublicRelations-Newspaper Example


Communicating with your audience has never been easier

Building a strong social following is paramount when looking to grow in our digital age. People who are invested in, or interested in, your business are likely to use your social pages to keep up to date with your latest offerings, and to communicate directly with you. A strong social presence is like a direct line to the pulse of your sector. Maintaining an insightful page is a wonderful way to nurture leads and rapidly address any issues.


Social Advertising

Hyper-targeted social ads

Social media platforms store a lot of data from people’s profiles. When we say a lot, we really mean it. We can put together social media ad campaigns that are laser focused, advertising to people based on their geography, interests, industries, previous purchases, publications they’ve read or even their relationship status. This allows us to show your ads to exactly the right people. Scary, but powerful.

Cat-How to Generate Leads that Close_ The Ultimate Guide
The Ultimate Guide
How to generate leads that close
Purbeck Insurance Case Study Image
Case study

Purbeck Insurance Saw an Increase of 150% In Applications

Purbeck Insurance are personal guarantee experts who approached Catalyst to take their brand to the next level. Purbeck’s brand wasn’t working for them and they were struggling to attract the right kinds of leads. 

Catalyst helped to evolve the brand to embody their personality, stand out from the competition and more importantly, generate leads. Find the results delivered, how we did it and more details here.

We have gone from strength to strength, increasing opportunities, engaging with the right kind of clients and most surprisingly reducing the cost of sale, while increasing conversion rates across the board!

Neil Jeeves, Begbies Traynor

One of our KPIs (enquiry rate) has increased 200% since engaging with Catalyst and they provide high quality deliverables. Catalyst is an agile organisation that is not afraid to challenge the status quo of our business and our operations. Would highly recommend.

Todd Davinson, Purbeck Insurance

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