Business success in 2022 starts right now, here’s why

Business success in 2022 starts right now

Phew, 2021 – that’s raced by.

We’ve been taking the time to look back and reflect on how things have been going, and we’re delighted to announce that 2021 was our clients’ best year ever!

They’re closing more deals, growing their teams and going from strength to strength.

So, how have we helped?

Thorough strategic planning, preparation, good tactics and tailored lead generation – the whole lot.

Now, nobody enjoys planning, but it’s a necessary evil. Your competitors will already have campaigns and plans in motion, and even though your customers might be winding down, they’ll still be shopping around and making business decisions ahead of the holidays.

It’s perfectly natural to settle over Christmas, with some businesses starting to slow down already, but now’s the best time to give yourself an edge over your competitors by planning and being ready for the start of 2022.

If we look back at times where industries slowed down or halted spending (the recession, for example), businesses who doubled down through the hard, quieter times and put detailed plans together are noted to have performed well as a consequence.

Coincidence? No. Take your business seriously; if you’ve succeeded to date, great, but what are your next goals? How are you getting there, and do you need digital marketing support to reach your targets?

What’s the point in marketing in December?

We’re not suggesting running a costly marketing campaign in the weeks running up to Christmas (unless you’re a Quality Street stockist, then we’ll run the greatest Christmas campaign you’ve ever seen!).

What we’re saying is that this is the perfect opportunity to get some quality content written, plan your tailored email marketing strategy and generally get your lead generation strategy in a great place ready for 2022.

It’s time to get all the marketing jobs that you’ve been putting off done, rather than scrambling to get them completed in the New Year.

Let’s look at Bespoke Commercial Finance, who have seen 28% more leads over 2021. This can be directly attributed to the planning and work they put in to Q4 2020 for their 2021 marketing campaigns.

Whitestar Solutions are another business who’ve seen success as a result of their December efforts. They took the time to fully redesign their brand and website, and are just finishing their best sales year ever.

Put the work in now, reap the rewards in 2022 – it’s that simple.

What difference will it make?

December isn’t a time to slack off. You may have had a successful year to date, or you may not have, but either way if you’re not putting in the work now then you’ll lose ground to those that are.

It all comes down to maximising your time and being the most efficient business in your sector. It isn’t more work, it’s simply preparation.

By laying the foundations now, working with the right partner and preparing your campaigns this side of the holidays, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running in the New Year. That means getting ahead of your competitors, staying front of mind with your target audience, and ultimately growing as a business.

For example, when your competitor is taking the time in December to put their feet up, we could be developing your website’s SEO to outperform them on SERP rankings while they’re off slacking.

For those target audiences that are doing a bit of top level research on their 2022 options, we could be ensuring you’re appearing with the right messaging to stay front of mind.

Rather than focusing on what social media posts will go out in December, we can prepare the campaigns for the New Year to go out now. One less thing to worry about after the holidays, so that when we’re back, we can focus on selling and campaigns for the next quarter.

Always prepared, always ahead.

What should go into my 2022 marketing strategy?

The honest answer is that this depends on where your business is, and what you want to achieve in 2022.

We can help you to take a deep dive, performing detailed research into the best ways to grow your business.

Perhaps it’s a fresh brand that you’re after – something to make a statement in the New Year.

Couple that with a new website for the ‘New Year, new me’ one-two combination.

There’s so much that can be prepared ready for 2022, and Q4 is the perfect time to get everything sorted well in advance.