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Lead Generation

Email Automation

“Email’s dead,” they said


Email Marketing

Well, not quite.

While it’s true that emails aren’t the force they used to be, they’re still an amazing way to warm up leads and build bonds with prospective (and current) customers.

What’s it good for?

Nurturing workflows

Prospective customers need to be handled like newborn kittens – carefully, and with love. Nobody appreciates a cold call. Nurturing email workflows are a brilliant way to introduce new customers to your brand, and remind old customers of what they’re missing. These emails must offer real value in the form of quality content.

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What's it good for?

Marketing promotions

We all love a good deal. The best way to notify your audience of a new offering? Email. Sometimes the old school can boogie with the best of them. Whenever you develop a new guide, blog, report or webinar, notifying your audience via email is the best, most efficient method.

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What's it good for?

B2B or B2C?

The short answer? It doesn’t matter. Everyone uses their email in some capacity, so automation can work effectively for both, it all boils down to your audience. For example: Amazon uses automation to let you know you’ve left something in your basket, while we’ll send out reminders to our audience for new guides we’ve written.

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What's it good for?

Multi-faceted benefits

Automation doesn’t exclusively need to be used for marketing. Many businesses use email automation to help with service, sales and operations – onboard new customers with welcome packs, keep your team updated on new sales or send out internal reminders, to name a few.

What's it good for?

Fully scalable

Starting small? Doesn’t matter! The beauty of automation is that it will scale to match as your business grows. Email marketing allows you the scope to grow, and it’ll grow alongside you.

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Email marketing & email automation is more than just newsletters

A vital part of the wider strategy

A strong email automation methodology will augment your wider strategy, providing a direct method of communication that complements everything else you're doing.

Using email automation in addition to your other marketing efforts will help drive conversions - it's a great way to remind someone that you exist after they've seen some ads, or downloaded a guide, for example. 

Welcome, updates and goodbyes

Email offers a direct line to your audience, allowing you to welcome new customers, send out updates on your latest news and offers, or say an amicable goodbye if you ever need to.

Email automation can serve as a great retention tool in the last instance, too - get in touch, ask why they're leaving, or perhaps offer them an incentive to stay, all without lifting a finger. 

We'll create a workflow of bespoke emails that serve a range of purposes, ensuring that your communications are consistent across all of your emails.

Save time

Before automation, you might spend hours writing up and sending out emails out to prospective customers, only to get a pitiful response rate.

But now, once your automation is set up, you set it and forget it - allow the leads to come to you, sans rigmarole. 

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Full Guide
How To Generate Leads That Close: The Ultimate Guide
Case study

98% increase in inbound leads generated for Premier Labels

Prior to working together Premier Labels had little to no previous marketing experience. Approaching an agency to partner with can be a daunting prospect with a lot of uncertainty. Thankfully, the team at Premier Labels put their trust in Catalyst to partner with them for their long-term growth.

Transforming an out-dated brand, a broken website, and little-to-no marketing presence into a market leading, stand-out name has been a rewarding journey. Read on to find out how we introduced marketing and a new brand to grow the business to record heights.

Premier Labels Case Study Image

From this point on we have gone from strength to strength, increasing opportunities, engaging with the right kind of clients and most surprisingly reducing the cost of sale, while increasing conversion rates across the board!

Neil Jeeves, Begbies Traynor

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