Your Website = Your Online Shop Window – Why is it Important?

Your Website = Your Online Shop Window – Why is it Important?

Imagine two bakeries. They’re side by side on the high street and fervent rivals.

The first bakery, we’ll call it Bill’s. Bill’s Bakery has a huge display window showing off all sorts of fancy cakes, breads and other baked goods. When peering in, you can’t help but to drool at the glass like a Looney Tunes character.

The second bakery, Ben’s, has a grubby window and a counter that blocks the view of their cakes.

At a glance, which bakery are you going to choose?

Unfortunately, Ben’s cakes are the best cakes for miles around, but nobody knows this because his shop looks terrible compared to his competitor’s.

Your business is exactly the same. Even if your offering is clearly superior, people will almost always choose your competitor over you if their website (their shop window) is better than yours.

Our website experts have put together some of the key reasons as to why your website is so important in modern day business.

Your website is your best sales tool

For many businesses, having a slick, easy to use online presence will drive sales.

It’s not about being overly flashy, it’s not about telling people everything, it’s about providing exactly what your target audience are after.

Conduct conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

One of the most important processes for any website is conversion rate optimisation.

CRO is the process of checking your conversion points across your website (CTAs, downloads, form fills, chat bots, etc.), and ensuring that they’re performing optimally.

If they’re not performing, then you need to optimise them!

You can learn more about CRO in our step-by-step guide by clicking here.

Potential Customers need to see what they expect to find

As people become more familiar with the digital age, we form expectations about websites – what we think they should look like and how we want them to function.

If your website doesn’t meet these expectations, or if your competitors’ websites meet them better than you do, then your shop window is failing.

You need to strike a balance between meeting expectations and standing out from the crowd. This can be in the form of a full rebrand, or could simply be updating some old imagery and website designs.

Modern customers are “always on”

In both B2B and B2C, potential customers are always looking for their next investment.

Your website is essential in this function, as it can help to nurture potential business 24/7, taking the strain off of your sales team.

This means that your business is consistently nurturing leads. Once your website is set up, you can feed it regular content, and it will do the rest – convenient, both for you and the consumer.

Your website is a key tendering tool

The first thing that a government body or large institution will do when you submit your tender is look at your website.

If they don’t like what they see, you’re already on the back foot.

This may not have been super relevant ten years ago, but now it’s essential. By showing that you’re investing in your website, you’re demonstrating 5 key things:

  • That your business is flourishing
  • That you’re investing in the long term
  • That you understand modern business methods
  • That you believe in your business enough to invest and showcase your products/services
  • That you care about how your business is perceived

Get a new website or improve your existing one with Catalyst

While we can’t help Ben to improve his grubby shop window, we can help you to improve your website across the board.

Our website team at Catalyst are experts in creating high-quality websites that deliver exactly what your business needs. Our team consists of:

  • Designers to bring your vision to life
  • Copywriters to hone the perfect message
  • Programmers to craft exceptional website code
  • Search experts to get your website found

Together with your insights, we’re able to build the perfect website, tailored to you.

Get in touch with our specialists today to find out more about our website creation process.

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