The Secret to Q1 Success

The Secret to Q1 Success

Success in Q1 doesn’t just happen on a whim; it happens to businesses that plan for it and execute accordingly.

Here’s the short version:

Most businesses slow down or pause marketing during November and December as they’re unlikely to make a sale. However, your target market will still be available to market to, even if they’re not ready to pull the trigger.

Ramp up your marketing during the holidays and who are they going to turn to when they’re ready to make a purchasing decision in Q1?


So, you have two options:

Option 1Rest on your laurels, do nothing in December and scramble in January to try and pull something together. This option usually means you’re not truly ready to drive leads until February at a minimum, at which point you’ve missed the boat.

Option 2 – Put together a comprehensive marketing strategy in November/early December that will run over the holidays (most of which is automated, don’t worry!). This allows you to hit the ground running in January and come out on top.

In order to get this process spot on, we highly recommend giving Catalyst a shout as soon as possible! Your campaign will not be ready to launch for Christmas if you don’t start planning immediately.

We are a curated team of digital marketing experts, from SEO wizards and design masters through to campaign planning geniuses and copywriting extraordinaires. We’re here to ensure you have the competitive edge you deserve when the New Year rolls around.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of what you need to do (and what we can help you achieve).

Top tips for Marketing Over Christmas

While there is a lot to get done, don’t panic – there is still time to get everything sorted (that’s if you’re reading this in November!).

Chances are you won’t have time to conduct a full marketing overhaul, but there is time to create a highly targeted, totally custom campaign that can run in the background over the holidays, gently warming up leads for you throughout.

As a result, we recommend:

  • Creating informative, engaging content
  • Using automated email workflows to help drive traffic to this content
  • Creating social ads for cold data
  • Creating remarketing ads for those who read your content
  • Optimising the SEO on your website

The best part about this marketing strategy? Once the content is produced, it’s pretty much all automated, meaning that you can enjoy your sherry and mince pies without needing to worry about managing your marketing campaign!

You’ll want to keep up with any leads that do come in over Christmas, but chances are there won’t be too many.

What you will be delivered, however, is a list of the most engaged contacts from the period – the people who clicked your links, read your content and otherwise engaged with your marketing.

These are the people you want to be contacting as soon as January comes round, as they’ll be ready and raring to go with their New Years’ resolutions, and you’ll be perfectly positioned to assist them.

About the author

Shannon Ali is a master in marketing, media and PR (literally – she has a Master’s degree!).

She’s spent the last 6 years honing her craft, and has quickly moved through the ranks into a management position. She helps to create high-conversion digital marketing campaigns and strategies for Catalyst clients, focusing on the data in order to deliver results. 

When not working, Shannon loves spending time with family and friends (especially her new nephew!). Outside of that, you’ll find her either cooking great food (in another life, she’d be a chef), or attempting a DIY job she’s seen on TikTok!

Shannon Ali