Why We Love the Jewellery Quarter (And You Should Too!)

Why We Love the Jewellery Quarter (And You Should Too!)

Day and night, autumn and spring, summer and winter, all year round, the Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter surprises its visitors, residents and professionals working in the area with surroundings and views that inspire them to think outside the box. The area’s distinct location, architecture and ethos feeds local companies with an unlimited flow of creative flair that helps them look at problems from a new perspective and find solutions for the years to come.

Catalyst loves to be based in this unique area. Our team often goes out for a walk by the canals, plays football, and eats lunch in the iconic St Paul’s Square. Our designers also love to visit local museums, and have a chat over a cup of coffee or other brew in the local cafes and pubs. As they say it keeps their creative juices flowing.  

We believe that the majority won’t be surprised by this. As history highlights, the Jewellery Quarter has always been home to creative people. It is like a hub where jewellery makers have developed their craft and honed their skills. Their hard work, trade, traditions and heritage has passed on to the new creators like us. 

Here is an inspiring visualisation of St Paul’s Square in four seasons, which will keep your imagination going for the rest of the day.

St_Pauls_Illustration-04.jpg Summer


Autumn St_Pauls_Illustration-03.jpg

Winter St_Pauls_Illustration-01.jpg Spring 

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