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B2B Lead Generation Services.

Our lead generation services are perfect for any business looking to compliment their existing sales function with a new flow of enquiries.

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While it might sound strange, a lot of marketing agencies make one big mistake: they focus too much on marketing.

What makes Catalyst different is our heavy focus on the commercial results marketing can generate. We use marketing to generate quality sales leads.

And the fact is if you're still relying solely on traditional sales tactics to fill your pipeline, your business will only get so far.



Below are some of the lead generation tactics we put into place to mobilise our marketing strategies and grow our clients' businesses across the board.


There's not much point changing anything within your business if the perception from the outside isn't strong enough.

Without a great brand and positioning in the market, your business will be lost in the noise and fail to grab anyone’s attention. We can work with you to:

- Outline your business’ core values in a succinct positioning message which resonates with your audience and ensures you stand out from the crowd.

- Create or refresh your brand to bring it into the digital era and ensure the visual aspects of your business are as high-quality as the work you do.

Catalyst On Brand


It was 1998 when Bill Gates said that content is king, and it’s still the undisputed key to lead generation online.

Great content engages your prospects before you’ve ever even spoken to them and brings more decision makers to your website. We can work with you to:

- Identify the keywords your target audience searches for.

- Outline the challenges and topics your content should cover.

- Create an SEO-focused content plan that will drive quality traffic to your site.

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Social is one of the best ways to subtly gain serious traction.

With the right strategy, you can use social to put your business literally at the fingertips of your prospects, driving them to engage with you, rather than you going to them. We help our clients to build out social strategies that:

- Identify the keywords your target audience searches for.

- Outline the challenges and topics your content should cover.

- Create an SEO-focused content plan that will drive quality traffic to your site.

trump social


GDPR this, GDPR that. We're sick of it. The fact is, email marketing still works.

The key is sending people emails that are genuinely interesting and useful. That's the only way to warm your prospects up and build loyalty with your customers. Our email strategies are successful because we help clients to:

- Build databases of quality prospects with a genuine need for what you do.
- Consistently distribute content plan to achieve Front of Mind awareness.
- Build automation workflows and lead funnels that nurture leads in the background.

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Do you know the safest place to hide a dead body? Page 2 of Google.

Right now, someone is searching for your services online. If they can't find your site, they're landing on a competitors'. Search is a science and we help our clients to:

- Identify a clear SEO strategy to optimise their site and get more, quality traffic.

- See where competitors get their traffic from to replicate their success.

- Create high-value PPC campaigns to jump the queue and drive likely-to-purchase prospects to your site.

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Traditional marketing involves casting a wide net; ABM involves going all Captain Ahab on your prospects, outlining a few you really want on board and going after them with a harpoon-like approach.

We can use ABM to go directly to perfect fits with tailored content design specifically to blow their socks off and get you in the door. We work with our clients to:

- Identify a list of lucrative, perfect fit businesses and the decision makers within them.

- Research the specific pains or challenges those people need solving.

- Create stand out one-to-one campaigns focused purely on attracting and engaging those key targets.

spear fisherman


PR isn't just for the famous.

It's one of the best ways for any business to generate a serious amount of traction in a short space of time. When it’s done right, anyway. Believe us, there is such a thing as bad press. We help our clients to:

- Identify and negotiate agency-only rates with the most relevant media outlets.

- Put together attention-grabbing work that resonates with your targets.

- Track and measure each campaign to amplify success in the future.

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