What Keeps Catalyst Feline So Good

What Keeps Catalyst Feline So Good

Here at Catalyst we put our clients first, day in – day out, but this doesn’t mean we don’t have a little fun in the process! Sometimes we even make (very) small investments in simple things just to add a bit more fun in the office. One such example is the Peers Hardy Crafty Cat Bank: a perfect little toy that makes saving money a little more entertaining! 

Feel free to pro-cat-stinate (sorry) and watch the video below, we challenge you not to smile or give in to the temptation to start hurling around cat puns (like ours below).

What’s a cat’s favourite cereal?

Mice Krispies

What do cat’s read in the morning?


What’s a cat’s favourite colour?


Whilst, admittedly, we might not have the best cat puns you’ve ever heard of (we’re trying, we really are), we take our our clients’ work very seriously. The reason we have so much fun at Catalyst is that we genuinely enjoy what we do and we are passionate about it – this is evident in our commitment to our clients’ success.