The Further Rise of Digital

The Further Rise of Digital

As eMarketer research indicates, offline marketing solutions like print are slowly but continuously dying. In 2017, print ad spend will drop 1.77% in comparison to 2016*.

On the other hand, digital has been a main and steady raiser over the years and is expected to continuously grow. In fact, up until 2020, the spend on digital marketing worldwide will increase by around 10.4% each year**.


The main reason behind it is the growth and expansion of the Internet coverage and usage. In 2017, the global Internet traffic is expected to grow around 40% more per capita. Let’s not forget the growing number of networked devices. By 2020 every individual will own and use more than three networked devices***.

All of this data dictates that the Internet is simply the way to go. Digital is an excellent tactic not only because it allows marketers to measure their campaigns’ performance in real-time but also live-edit and improve them. Due to the nature of digital and its effectiveness, marketers can easily shift their budgets towards solutions that truly deliver.

In fact, digital saw one of the biggest growth of any sector: 9.5% of marketers increased their spend on digital despite the current economic situation****.

So, the maths are simple. Digital marketing is clearly the best tool for brands to cut through the post-Brexit uncertainty. For more post-brexit marketing insights and to find out which digital trends will shape 2017, download our guide below.


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