Nutshell: New marketing tool?

Nutshell: New marketing tool?

The popular cloud-based presentation software Prezi revolutionised the way one can deliver and share ideas. Now they have jumped on the “video sharing” trend by launching an iPhone app called Nutshell.

To cut a long story short (forgive the pun!), the app provides tools and a platform to share “life’s little stories, short and sweet”. Has the saying “in a nutshell” come to life? Yes, and we think that there are several engaging ways to utilise the new tool for your marketing communications.

The creation process is simple – snap three pictures, add captions, choose graphics – and let Nutshell turn it all into a shareable cinematic story. And with cinematic they really mean cinematic – think Instagram for videos combined with Vine and a sprinkle of Prezi’s own uniqueness. T
he resulting ‘nutshells’ can easily be shared by email, text message, posted to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or embedded on a website as we’ve done below.  

Catalyst in a Nutshell

Let this new app inspire you to give your social strategy a new push. Find the app here, or have a quick chat with us on how this tool could be used to enhance your marketing messages.