It Is What It Is

It Is What It Is

Despite these extremely challenging times, I’ve been blown away with the ‘CAN DO’ attitude of my team, our clients and the majority of people I’m currently meeting. Our staff, our clients and prospects we target on their behalf – all refusing to lay down and give up.


It’s not ‘business as usual’ by any stretch of the imagination, but we’ve got to keep as close to that mentality as possible. None of us can afford to stop selling and we can’t cut off the oxygen supply to the business.


The next few months will be tough, but imagine what it’ll be like if we stop communicating with our customers & prospects. How much harder will it be to recover if we’re doing it off the back of 2-3 months of inactivity!


Many have moved to video conferencing as we have, and whilst it’s not ideal for the first interaction with a prospect, it’s the best we have, so let’s embrace it.


Personally, my focus is now on survival and the summer, normally a quiet period for the majority of us, but a period I believe (and with a bit of good luck and with the grace of God) will be a bumper time for us all. We will all want to go out and socialise, meet clients – new and old, work hard, have fun, even my kids will want to go back to school (if they survive home-schooling), but the time to prepare for this … Is now!


Don’t think for one minute that your customers and prospects don’t want to hear from you because you’d be wrong. So far in March, our two best performing days in terms of creating opportunities for our clients came last week! Proof enough that we can all keep sales momentum moving in the right direction during these difficult times should we want to.


I also want to add this is not a shallow attempt at trying to drum up business, but my thoughts and experiences of past recessions, hopefully, you will read this with the good intentions it was written with and take heed and act on my thoughts.


Stay safe, be kind, be sensible (no hoarding, there really is enough for everyone) and take care of you and your loved ones.