Inbound Marketing – Google’s Newest Update and How it Affects Inbound

Inbound Marketing - Google’s Newest Update and How it Affects Inbound

Now this I like.

Sometimes Google announces an update and for me the champagne is still in the fridge. However this latest move looks to be very different.

It will assist on both client and agency side, giving better insight and better, more targeted AdWords spend. At a time when media heavyweights such as Ebiquity’s Nick Manning are questioning the success rates of Programmatic, it’s good to see Digital guiding itself towards greater efficiency.


Google is at it once again! The most recent changes they have rolled out surround the announcement that they will be removing the pay-per-click (PPC) ads from the right hand side of the Google search results page and rolling out a new Google Analytics report called User Explorer. Both are sure to change the advertising playing field.

Google has made these tools available in their ongoing efforts to make online marketing more effective for customers, and this is the next giant step in helping customers get where they want to go. This allows you to see your website in a way that an individual sees it, and the possibilities of that information are limitless. Make sure you are taking advantage of these powerful tools.