Inbound Marketing: Develop Expertise Before Content

Inbound Marketing: Develop Expertise Before Content

To paraphrase a common quote from German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer – there are two types of writers in the world: those who do so because they have something to communicate, a message to convey, some value to add; then there are those who write for writing’s sake. This basic theme is applicable to the world of

Inbound Marketing and more specifically, content generation.

Add Value

Inbound Marketing is conceptually centered on the targeting and engaging of specific target markets through the creation of highly valuable content that is of relevance to that particular market, industry or the individual consumer. This form of marketing is only as valuable as the leads and prospects it develops and an integral part of ensuring success is the offering of added value to the audience.

The word “added” is very important here – many inbound strategies are underpinned by content that isn’t necessarily “bad”, but is little more than a regurgitation of current affairs or news within the industry. This is the quickest way to become invisible to your target audience. Although, arguably, this technically is providing value, this will not encourage site visitors to return to your page repeatedly – there is no longevity in such an approach. Regardless of how effective your SEO strategy is, content is king; your added value should come in the form of company-specific expertise that informs, provokes thought or entertains. Quite simply, provide a reason for the audience to justify the effort of consuming your content, let alone responding to calls to action.

Develop Expertise

To refer back to the aforementioned writer analogy, the greatest novelists or playwrights are not remembered for their command of language or their technical prowess with regards to writing itself; after all it is only a medium. They are renowned for their ideas – the emotions they can conjure up with the stories they produce – they touch hearts with the content itself.

To be remembered, you must create content that connects to your audience on a personal level.

Whether your company outsources its copywriters or designers, or has a team dedicated to the task itself – the frequency of posts, style of writing and even graphical aesthetic are secondary if there is no substance behind the words. Your expertise is your offering, your knowledge as a company is your competitive advantage – be sure to ensure that your most technically knowledgeable staff can provide creative input into the creation of content for your inbound strategy.

As many of us were told as children by our parents: “if you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all” – expertise first, everything else second.