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Marketing your business is a constant, always-on job. Take your foot of the gas and you run the risk of falling behind and giving your competition an advantage.

But what if we told you that there was software out there that makes managing your ongoing marketing much, much easier?

Enter: HubSpot’s Marketing Hub!


What is HubSpot’s Marketing Hub?

HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is a comprehensive marketing software platform offered by HubSpot, one of the world’s leading providers of sales and marketing solutions. 

The Marketing Hub, as the name suggests, specialises in helping businesses just like yours to attract, engage and delight customers. It provides a wide range of tools and features that are all centred around one thing: inbound marketing.

Here’s a few things that the HubSpot Marketing Hub can do for your business:


What can HubSpot’s Marketing Hub do?

The Marketing Hub is incredibly versatile, and is every marketer’s dream.

At Catalyst, we use the Marketing Hub extensively, and many of our clients do, too. It helps us to manage our day-to-day workloads and ensure our clients’ campaigns are consistently delivering results. Here are a few of the things that HubSpot’s Marketing Hub can do (this list isn’t extensive!):


Content management system

The Marketing Hub includes a user-friendly CMS that allows your business to create and manage web pages, blog posts and other content easily. 


Email marketing

Create, send, and analyse email marketing campaigns to engage with leads and customers. The platform offers personalisation and segmentation capabilities for targeted communication, meaning that not only does the Marketing Hub help you manage your marketing comms, but it also helps you proactively improve your messaging.


Marketing automation

One of the worst parts about marketing? How laborious many of the tasks are. 

Automation lets you remove much of the tedium, automating marketing workflows, lead nurturing and follow-up activities, saving your marketing team precious time, and saving you precious money. 


Lead generation and capture

Of course, the main reason any business invests in Marketing Hub is for lead generation. 

Its various tools (forms, pop-ups, chatbots, etc.) allow your business to automatically capture contact information and grow your database.


SEO and content strategy

Content is King – this remains to be true.

If you want your marketing efforts to be successful, you need to ensure that you have a comprehensive SEO and content strategy in place. Marketing Hub allows you to optimise your content for search engines and create content strategies that are designed to improve your digital visibility and attract more traffic than ever. 


Social media management

Do you find yourself falling behind on social posting?

Social media is an incredible validation tool for businesses of all sizes. While you’re unlikely to drive leads directly from social (although you will see some), prospective customers/clients will almost always check out your social channels to see what you’re all about. 

Marketing Hub allows you to manage and schedule social posts, monitor ongoing engagement and analyse performance on platforms like Facebook, X (formerly Twitter) and LinkedIn. 



Trying to make marketing decisions without data is like shooting a gun in the dark – you’ll be lucky if you hit anything. 

Fortunately, the Marketing Hub includes some incredibly adaptable analytics and reporting features, giving you insights into how well your campaigns are performing, and analytics tools that allow you to measure the impact of your efforts.

This allows you to identify what works, and what doesn’t, adjusting accordingly. 


What are the benefits of using Marketing Hub?

Now we’ve given you a peek behind the curtain of what the Marketing Hub can do, it’s time to talk about why you should care – what’s in it for you?


Save time

The Marketing Hub saves marketers hours and hours of time. 

Manually sending emails? No chance.

Generating reports from Excel? Waste of time. 

Updating social channels one by one? No thank you. 

By cutting out all the monotony, Marketing Hub frees marketers up, allowing them to be far more creative and spend more time producing content, forming campaigns and generally having a positive impact on your bottom line. 


Manage everything, all in one place

HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is the all-in-one marketing platform – a comprehensive suite of marketing tools in one place.

This streamlines your marketing operation. Not only this, but it also fully integrates with HubSpot’s other Hubs, synergising particularly well with HubSpot’s Sales Hub. 

Cut out the need for a wide variety of programmes and simply use HubSpot – easy peasy. 


Automate laborious tasks

Automation is a marketer’s dream.

Not only does it save time, as mentioned earlier, but automation also ensures that nothing is ever missed. 

Emails won’t forget to be sent, social posts will always go out on time. No fuss, no drama, just great, consistent marketing. 


Improve your marketing performance

By measuring performance and automating key tasks, you’ll naturally start to improve your organisation’s marketing performance. 

As mentioned, data is a marketer’s best friend. HubSpot’s Marketing Hub provides you with all the data you’d ever need to dramatically improve your marketing performance, no matter what your KPIs are. 


Measure your ROI

Marketing is all about ROI – this is unavoidable.

If you can’t measure this, how will you know if your marketing efforts are truly delivering value?

HubSpot’s Marketing Hub gives you an accurate, clear understanding on the return on your investment. Reports can be created for investors, if required, helping justify your continued marketing spend. 


Bolster your marketing with HubSpot’s Marketing Hub

We could talk about the Marketing Hub for hours and hours, but we’ll stop there as the points above are the key things you need to know.

If you have any further questions about HubSpot or digital marketing in general, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team at Catalyst. We’re a HubSpot Partner Agency, and we’re HubSpot’s chosen agency for onboarding in Birmingham and the Midlands.


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