For Content That Drives Commerce, Follow These 4 Rules

For Content That Drives Commerce

Great article from Bill Carmody. The forgotten obvious in many Inbound Marketing conversations is strategy. Choose an agency that goes for strategy first and uses it to drive everything else. If you want results that will add to the bottom line, the research and prepare stage needs to be done with care and skill.

You’ve heard it all before. “Content is King” and “Context is Queen”. But why is it that some content delivers sales while most does not? What’s so special about the content that does drive sales and how is it different from virtual tsunami of content that simply does not?



On May 19th, I will be in Las Vegas kicking off the performance (measurement and analytics) track of the Content Marketing Conference. This is a sneak preview of what I will be sharing there along with a much deeper dive on the topic.

There are 4 time-tested rules that, when followed, will consistently deliver sales results. The first 3 rules establish your foundation, but the 4th rule will ensure that your content delivers at the sales level you’re expecting.