Facebook Starts to Kill Other Apps

Facebook Starts to Kill Other Apps

Whether you are a marketer or an avid user, social media plays a big part in our lives. 

Up until now Facebook was a platform to connect and chat with your friends as well as share some content.

Recently Mark Zuckerberg announced the introduction of Messenger bots that will allow brands to engage better with audiences and deliver more personal content they are actually looking for.


This is also aimed to replace conventional customer service helplines as well as remove the hassle of having multiple apps to do a single thing.

Many lessons can be learn from this, but the most important one is to listen to your audience. Your customers are the ones who will tell you how, when, where and what they want to hear from you. 

In his keynote demonstration of Messenger bots, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pointed out the perks of using the 1–800-Flowers bot to order flowers, as opposed to actually having to speak to a florist to arrange a delivery.