Kick Start Your Online Presence With Facebook Ads

Kick Start Your Online Presence With Facebook Ads

With over 900,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors, Facebook is by far the largest, and most popular social media platform in use today. To emphasise this point, if you added together the unique monthly visitors to Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram, you would still get an estimated 125,000,000 less unique monthly visitors than Facebook.

Herein lies Facebook’s power!

Its truly global reach is one reason that advertising your business or service with a Facebook page is essential, and you should therefore not ignore the marketing opportunities and subsequent brand awareness that this social media platform can bring. Facebook pages are extremely simple to create, and will allow your business to be discoverable, connected, timely and insightful. You can provide your visitors with interesting content, new information, promotional offers and more, whilst also acquiring a deeper understanding of your ideal customers. 

There is however one big issue.
When you create your Facebook page, it will be extremely difficult for your business (if not a well known brand) to have an instant brand presence. This can be disheartening and will often lead to Facebook pages lying stagnant and ignored for months on end. Instead of this happening, we believe that running a low cost Facebook advertising campaign will provide you with fruitful results that will create the instant online brand image that you are seeking.

To prove this point, I tested paid promotion for myself, with surprising and incredible results. It turns out that for even a small organisation, paid adverts can have a real impact in the short term. That doesn’t mean that you should concentrate all your efforts and budgets into paid advertising. Organic results are still the most beneficial and rewarding, but for a kick-start, it really can work wonders.