Embracing Mobile Technology for Sports Advertising

Embracing Mobile Technology for Sports Advertising

In the UK, 84% of smartphone owners look for local information on their mobile and 78% take action afterwards such as calling or visiting the business they’ve reviewed.

Statistics show consumers are falling in love with their mobile phones therefore businesses should do the same by implementing mobile-friendly websites.

Science in Sport has already embraced mobile technology for sports advertising and kept up to date with consumer trends by launching a mobile version of their website**. Stephen Moon, chief executive, said: “It’s well known that the proportion of online shopping conducted on smartphones and tablets is growing very rapidly so we are excited by the launch of the mobile version of our website.”The mobile site represents an important part of the development of our e-commerce platform and will be integral to our planned digital marketing initiatives. At the time of our fundraising last month, we stated our intention to use the proceeds to invest in revenue-generating opportunities, of which our e-commerce platform is an excellent example.”Mobile technology is transforming the businesses market themselves. Businesses have the opportunity to engage with their customers at a more personal level if they make the most of the latest technology and online digital consumer preferences.Further Reading: