Digital Marketing For Manufacturing

Digital Marketing For Manufacturing

Digital marketing created and applied correctly is the single most effective way of creating business growth. However local press still supplies great insight for businesses (and as here, opportunities as well). It’s normally well written, adds something through it’s expertise and often supplies something that you won’t see elsewhere. 

Digital_Marketing_For_Manufacturing.jpg This article in the Shields Gazette is incisive, detailing a well structured event that had some great speakers and is right on the money. AMC (Advanced Manufacturing Forum) the organisers did a great job of getting the content and the attendees right and it was a great event for manufacturers in the north east.

So a bit of a shout out for anyone in the West Midlands who may wish to join forces with Catalyst to organise something similar, please contact me via the website or via social

Growing a company using digital marketing topped the agenda at a recent meeting of business people.

Marketing teams from across South Tyneside joined forces to discuss the benefits and challenges of marketing in the manufacturing industry. Taking centre stage was guest speaker Paul Wilkinson, Barbour’s global marketing director.

The meeting was attended by 60 delegates ranging from firms with global marketing teams to those with a one-man resource.

Mr Wilkinson said: “Great digital presence generates reach and credibility, driving both direct and indirect conversions.”

He was joined by Nicola Irving, head of marketing at Pearson Engineering based in Newcastle.

They spoke of the positives of good marketing strategies including educating the customer, challenging perceptions and elevating the brand. Social media, blogs and campaign emails and pages were also important for successful marketing drives which strengthen the brand and boost business.