Digital Expansion & The Rise In Marketing Agency Collaboration

Digital Expansion & The Rise In Marketing Agency Collaboration

It’s not exactly news that client side marketers reach out to agencies who can offer support, management and delivery of creative concepts, but with digital technologies expanding, this collaboration is increasing.

According to research from SoDA, 52% of client side marketers have partnered with at least 2 or 3 agencies in 2016, a higher rate than what we saw last year and in 2014. Why is this interesting, I assume you’re asking? Well, it shows that there’s a definitive skills and knowledge gap when it comes to digital techniques. 61% of marketers said they have a major or minor disparity regarding UX (user experience), while 54% indicated they have limited proficiency with programmatic media buying.


Admit it, you can’t do it alone
As digital marketing becomes increasingly complex to navigate, the time and resource in-house marketers have at their disposal is stretched, and the working practical knowledge of such innovations are scarce. Agencies, built up of teams of modern digital expertise, (if we do say so ourselves) offer the know-how and direction towards an omnichannel digital strategy.

By encompassing all aspects of the marketing mix integrated with technology, agencies are equipped with the tools and intelligence to drive business growth in an interconnected market. 

It’s not just help, it’s a partnership
I think this is the main point to reiterate. As the need for strategic management and complex marketing activities increase, agencies are no longer just a one stop shop for a quick fix. Everybody needs to think long term. Converting leads online doesn’t happen overnight, hence the rise in inbound marketing agencies, so the collaboration needs to reflect that. 

Partnering with an agency requires trust, communication and transparency – on both sides. However the most important thing is that agencies have a genuine interest to achieve your business goals, and their culture by nature is to work collaboratively. There’s no hidden agenda because they’d have everything to lose; your business. 

The reason client side marketers approach agencies isn’t entirely limited to the digital skills gaps in working practice. The management of the digital delivery is another area of uncertainty as 22% people cited this is a major skills gap.

 From PPC campaign implementation to comprehensive SEO strategies and influencer outreach, agencies are like a box of chocolates. (But without the coffee one. Or the strawberry cream one. Or the orange one.) So if you think you’re not quite staying ahead of the digital curve, take one second to use our free online digital grader to receive in-depth analysis of your online presence.