Brands Should Engage Twitter Followers Quickly Or Risk Losing 15% of Them March

Getting Online With Social Media Marketing

 A survey carried out by Twitter management company SocialBro has revealed that brands who fail to communicate with their followers within the first three weeks of establishing a presence on the social network risk losing up to 15% of them, the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing reports.

The percentage in loss of users within the first week for brands on Twitter is 5%; compared to non-business Twitter accounts.

These figures are actually encouraging: non-commercial Twitter profiles can lose up to 40% of their followers if they don’t engage them quickly. It is hardly surprising to note that more influential brands are also less likely to lose followers.

Brands with more than 100,000 followers tend to lose between just 1% and 3% within the first week, and 10% by the third week. However, even smaller businesses can accumulate large follower communities and gain a competitive edge, SocialBro’s chief executive Javier Burton commented. The key to success is regular and timely engagement, and not ignoring any new followers. Having a social presence is becoming increasingly important for brands as social media is an extra channel through which they can effectively reach their existing and potential customers.


A recent research report released by YouGov, “E-commerce: Trust in Online Transactions”, which probed the opinions of Facebook and Twitter users, found that 33% of Facebook users trusted a brand more if they saw it on the network. For Twitter users this figure was 37%. Both numbers are significant enough to suggest that a presence on social networks will only do a brand good.Catalyst has a proven track record of exceeding clients’ social media goals.  


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