B2B vs B2C: Is There Really A Distinct Difference?

B2B vs B2C: Is There Really A Distinct Difference?

The traditional way of thinking is that B2B marketing should diverse heavily from that of B2C. Think corporate whitepapers compared to funky adverts with celebrity endorsements. But isn’t it about time we focused on H2H marketing? Understanding that whilst marketing towards a business requires different methodologies to that of consumer marketing, we’re still targeting people, humans. Humans that ultimately, need to come to a purchasing decision.

Purchasing decisions in the B2B landscape generally take longer, with several touchpoints before anything remarkable starts to materialise. But it’s proven that we’re still all designed to make decisions based on an emotional fulfilment. The target persona you’re creating your marketing strategy around still has their own preferences in regards to what content they like to digest, how they like to be approached and what is going to bring them benefits.


B2B content doesn’t have to be laden with industry jargon to speak to your target persona. It needs to be transparent and honest.  

A H2H approach to marketing, where B2B agencies/marketers can use the immersive, more emotionally led rhetoric that B2C marketers employ. is the mantra we should be adopting. Take Doug Kessler’s ‘Crap’ Content – the infamous Slideshare. It was quirky, revolutionary in its style and it blurred the lines between what people thought you can say in a B2B environment and what you shouldn’t say.

B2B doesn’t have to boring. It’s more complex, yes, but we’re still targeting the people behind the business. The decision makers. The humans.

The mindset, objectives, and intentions of B2B audiences are different from those of B2C audiences. Content for those different audiences must differ accordingly.