Are AdWords by Google worth your investment?

Are AdWords by Google worth your investment?

By now, you have probably already heard about pay-per-click online marketing, but have never really got your head around this alien topic. Let us help and simply explain to you what it is and why it is worth the investment.

What it is
In short, it is what it says on the tin: advertising words. On the Google search results page, you’ll notice that the top entries have a little yellow square indicating that it is a paid advert.

Over the years, Google has diversified its services extending its Search Network to Display Network and adding a lot of different “optical enhancers” for the text-based ads to be more appealing to the targeted audience.

How it works

The adverts are triggered by keywords that you specify during the campaign’s set up. When someone searches for one of your keywords on Google, the ad is displayed and it is down to the potential client to click on your ad to be directed to the set landing page.

Of course, it’s slightly more complicated – there are various algorithms that calculate your adverts rank and the price that will be paid for clicks or impressions – the choice is yours, but to keep our explanation simple, one thing about AdWords that your Finance Director will absolutely love is that there is an option for you to pay only when someone actually clicks on it.

The return on investment (ROI)
In short, with AdWords you are able to create highly targeted adverts (pick ‘n’ mix keywords, location, age, language, days, time-frequency, devices – to name the most important ones), control the costs, measure the success and easily manage the campaigns through an user-friendly interface.

At Catalyst, we love AdWords as it is an effective and highly measurable marketing tool, delivering a clearly measurable return on investment.