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Hi, my name’s Aaron Ghuman, Marketing Manager at Shire Leasing.
I’ve personally been working with Catalyst for a few years now and they asked me to share my experience.
We’ve got an in-house marketing team already but there are only so many hours in the day.
Catalyst fit in nicely as an extension to our team, helping us to get more done and put our strategy into place much quicker than we otherwise could.
It’s easy to get bogged down in certain views and perceptions of your own business because you’re working so closely with it day-to-day.
Having Catalyst’s view from the outside is really useful for us as they see things we otherwise wouldn't.
They focus on a wide-range of different tactics for us, including:
SEO, email campaigns, HubSpot management and automation, Account Based Marketing and content marketing.
A year or two ago, Catalyst also carried out a rebrand for us.
We hadn't changed the branding for over a decade so it was a massive change, but it was incredibly well received by the directors and customer base.
We meeting monthly to look at progress, changes and future plans.
Catalyst are constantly tracking and monitoring progress to find new avenues for us to go down.
With the help of Catalyst, we've proved to our directors that marketing works. Catalyst's input and work is vital to our marketing department's success and Shire's overall growth.
Aaron Ghuman - Shire Leasing