A pay-per-click & search engine optimisation masterclass.

Bureau Veritas have ambitious targets and complex needs. Our strategy and tailored approach enabled us to mould ourselves to those needs and deliver results.

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By working closely with the UK in-house marketing team, we were able to fill in skill gaps and provide a bespoke service.


They had no internal SEO & PPC specialists, so we fill that role for them and support their ongoing strategy.

The problem

“We’ve seen a significant decline in our PPC performance”


Bureau Veritas were working with another agency for their PPC & SEO, but they’d seen a significant decline in performance, and their relationship was becoming strained. As a result, they were in the market to build a new partnership with a different agency.

They have an in-house marketing team, but they’re stretched thin across a very large business. We’re here to support them and ensure they meet their KPIs at every stage.

Tools used to leverage results

What we did

We fully manage their SEO and PPC strategy, taking full responsibility and reporting back to Bureau Veritas’s internal marketing team.


We manage their entire PPC budget and strategically split spend across specific service offerings across the business. Our analysis revealed an optimal use of funds, so we implemented this and have seen fantastic results since.

Due to the mammoth size of Bureau Veritas’s website, our SEO work has been split into projects, all starting with sustainability. We reviewed their sitemap, conducted keyword research for new and existing pages, carried out on-page optimisation, improved the navigation and internal linking, presented content suggestions and supported with technical fixes. 

We continue to make improvements, and have seen incremental boosts to organic traffic and growth. 

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Bureau Veritas UK have ambitious growth targets this year, and digital lead generation plays an integral part of our marketing strategy. Having worked with digital marketing agencies in the past, we were keen to partner with an agency who we could work well with and could adapt to our complex business needs. Catalyst have been able to do just that.
Bureau Veritas - Celeste Morrissey

Expert support for finance specialists

We helped our friends at Shire Leasing to dramatically improve lead generation, here’s how.

increase in organic visitors

Catalyst act as Shire Leasing’s extended marketing team, filling in skill gaps and providing them with the resources required to deliver serious results.

Over the last 10 years of working with Shire Leasing, we have delivered a new brand, suite of websites and a fully integrated marketing strategy.

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