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Mainline Instruments are leading the charge in bringing the highest quality international ophthalmic instruments to the UK market.

They knew that both their website’s user experience and user interface needed work. That’s why they decided to talk to our website specialists.

The problem

“Our website had broken links, no automation and needed modernising. We knew what work needed to be done, we just needed the specialism and resources to ensure that it got done properly.”


Mainline’s existing website was functional, but outdated – it had a fair few problems that the team knew about, but they didn’t have the requisite resources to rectify them.

They knew that the journey on the homepage wasn’t right – it lacked calls to action, some links were broken, and their navigation was difficult to navigate, which is never what you want!

Mainline also wanted to drive more traffic to their website, improve their social media presence, and needed support with producing regular, informative content to help both educate their audience and help boost organic rankings.

Tools used to leverage results

What we did

Targeted edits

Rather than opting for a full website redesign and rebuild, it was decided that we would take the website page by page, optimising and improving pages by importance.

We started, naturally, with the homepage, where we fully redesigned it using conversion rate optimisation (CRO) best practices. We also overhauled their navigation, creating a brand-new product mega menu that helps users better locate products and brands in a cleaner, more effective way than before.

Our webpage optimisations are ongoing, with product pages to follow suit.

In addition to this, our PPC specialists put together a bulletproof PPC campaign that has been running since our relationship with Mainline started, and has been driving a significant amount of relevant, ready-to-convert traffic to the newly optimised website, with a boost in conversions being noted.

Last, but by no means least, we started work on ongoing search engine optimisation (SEO) and content. By producing SEO content every month, we’re helping to grow Mainline’s presence on Google and other search engines. To coincide with this, we helped the Mainline team create curated social content to help validate their service and reinforce their place at the forefront of the UK ophthalmic instruments market.

See the new Mainline homepage for yourself

Mainline’s new homepage design is a testament to how important both user experience and a great user interface is to any successful website.

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They're a great team, working hard to ensure that our internal team have the resources required to perform well and look great!
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