Marketing and Sales don’t get on… or do they?

Marketing and Sales don't get on... or do they?

Despite the fact that 80% of businesses recognise the benefits of greater alignment between
sales and marketing, most (60%) aren’t unifying their divisions. (Randstad, 2015)

While it may seem obvious that sales and marketing teams should be aligned given their shared goals, in many cases it’s quite the opposite. Aligning sales and marketing can be fairly difficult to achieve, but the outcome is highly beneficial. Read our SlideShare to see how you can get marketing and sales working together.

                                                                        Sales & Marketing don’t really get on… or do they? from Catalyst

Inbound Marketing is not a single, one-off project. Inbound-Marketing-Playbook.png

New marketing platforms, such as HubSpot, are great to help align marketing and sales, but companies still struggle to get them to work properly. It’s a common misconception that marketing and sales automation can be set once and then be forgotten about. It’s a long term plan. Find out what it takes our Inbound Playbook.



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