How to Generate Leads that You Can Actually Close

How to Generate Leads that You Can Actually Close

What’s your business’ lead conversion rate?

Whatever it is, I bet you’d love to improve it.

No matter how good your sales team is at what they do, everyone in any business – from the owners and directors, right down to the interns – want to see sales closing more deals.

So if you could improve your sales team’s conversion rate, you would, wouldn’t you?

And you’d probably do it at the drop of a hat.

Well the funny thing is, you can.

Any business owner, director or manager can. But most just don’t. It’s because of this weird paradox in which many business people long for business growth, but either:

  • Don’t believe it’s achievable because ‘this is how things have always been’
  • Don’t have the time to explore new ways of achieving growth
  • Are afraid to invest in making it happen

That said, increasing not only the number of leads coming in each month, but also their overall quality, isn’t one of these ‘easier said than done’ tasks as most people make out.

Of course, it’s not easy, but it is incredibly realistic to achieve.

With a little open mindedness to the idea that there might well be a better way, a bit of time to explore it and a small budget set aside to invest, warmer, higher-quality leads are just around the corner.

Times are changing

Think about this for a second: look at how much the business world has changed over the last 20 years.

We’ve gone all the way from typewriters to laptops, landlines to smartphones, dialup internet to WiFi and so on.

The list of improvements we’ve all seen is vast and the level of change is nothing short of astonishing.

Apart from a few of the dodgy suits and hair dos still knocking about in the board room, I’m sure your business, just as ours, looks entirely different than it did in the ’90s.


But what about your lead generation techniques?

Be honest: have they evolved as much as everything else in your business? Based on my experience of 99% of B2B SMEs in the UK, I’m going to say I bet they haven’t.

Sure, you might be using emails to get in touch with people instead of typing letters; you might be making more calls instead of relying on face-to-face meetings. But your overall approach? Still pretty much the same.

Frankly, you’d be a fool to think there isn’t now a better way to generate warm leads every month than what you did 10 or 20 years ago.

Cold calling and physical meetings do still work, but in conjunction with other sales and marketing tactics are far, far more powerful than they were in the past.

I’m a huge fan of the saying that “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”, but if you’re relying solely on your sales team to constantly build new doors, frankly, you’re behind the times.

That’s because there is a better way.

A way which will see new prospects knocking on your door, leading to a much warmer conversation than your salespeople could otherwise have.

This way is called inbound sales and marketing and is – as you may expect – the opposite to the old outbound approach.

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