Will Facebook’s new algorithms affect your business?

Will Facebook's new algorithms affect your business?

Social media is now playing a much larger role in companies’ marketing strategies and for many, Facebook has been at the heart of the social strategy.  

Like with all social platforms, algorithms are changing constantly, but with Facebook’s latest changes, it might be time for many companies to change their strategy.


With friends and family posts now being prioritised in the News Feed, this could mean businesses wasting valuable time promoting their product without being seen.

With these latest updates, it’s vital that you engage with your marketing agency to see if your strategy needs changing to make sure you’re targeting your efforts into the right platform.

If you’re not working with an agency, give Catalyst a call on 0121 296 5275 to see how we can optimise your social media strategy for maximum results.

Last week, Facebook dropped a stink bomb in the media locker room when it announced that its algorithm would start prioritizing the posts of friends and family in the News Feed over those of publishers. Folks started to panic, with good reason—over 40 percent of publisher traffic comes from Facebook.