Unique content is crucial – so why are companies so predictable?

Unique content is crucial – so why are companies so predictable?

PR company SHIFT Communications analysed almost 63,000 press releases that were sent out last year alone and found an astonishing amount of similarities that proves that most content isn’t as unique as it may seem. 

The study carried out by SHIFT, revealed that most PR companies use hyperbole to excite and attract customers such as “most”, “leading”, “best” and “outstanding”.


Other PR Companies try to tempt customers with words such as “new”, “first” and “innovative” amongst others. “New” was actually used 110,059 times within 62,768 press releases and “first” was used 56,724 times.We talk about good content marketing quite regularly so it is quite shocking to see a number of firms recycling typical sales language rather than replacing them with unique and, quite frankly, more impactful terms.

The Three Rules to Run With
When we advise our clients about how to approach content, we stand by three rules: be consistent, be relevant and be authentic. Fresh content helps to position you at the forefront of your industry to be seen as an expert in your field – you will become their first point of call for information and news.


Search engines also love unique content which supports your other marketing campaigns such as SEO and Inbound Marketing – you’ll see instant improvements in your rankings if you follow these guidelines. On the other hand, the term “content marketing” doesn’t just refer to articles and emails but instead incorporates all communication including social media updates and pages on your website.