UK Marketers Need More Robust Content Marketing Strategies

UK Marketers Need More Robust Content Marketing Strategies

A study by Content Marketing Institute reveals that UK marketers are on the ball when it comes to the benefits of a well-planned content marketing strategy, with 76% spending more money on such schemes compared to previous years.


The study carried out by Content Marketing showed that the marketing sector as a whole is allocating larger proportions of their budgets on content marketing efforts (around 31%) compared to peers in other countries.

Performance improving tactics
Considering the struggles that still remain, we thought we’d share a few insights with you to help improve the performance of your content tactics and successfully deal with any challenges. One way to maximise the performance of your content marketing strategy is to analyse website visitor data to find out which pages your users engage with the most, thus identifying the content that fares best. Marketers can also make use of a range of software tools to analyse which keywords in website content drive the greatest traffic.


This will allow marketers to create a content map, highlighting the pieces that drive the highest traffic and engagement. This kind of analysis could extend to different content categories, giving an overall picture of what type of content is most effective. This analytical work can be used to directly impact the planning of future content. One thing to bear in mind at this planning stage is to make sure there is a variety of news-type content and “evergreen” content, such as product descriptions.Both are necessary for a well-balanced content strategy.

Measure your metrics
Another important part of devising a successful content strategy is setting metrics to measure the performance of different types of content against. These could include things like the number of page views, time spent on any one page and the number of shares specific content receives on social networks. As for content itself, there are a few things to consider; headlines, for instance, can contribute to up to 80% of user engagement, so they deserve special attention from content writers and editors.


The formatting of the content is also important – the goal is to make content appealing, readable and understandable. After all that is done, there only remains to distribute the content on as many channels as possible, including social media, email and various networks that will increase the brand’s reach among potential customers. We hope these tips come in useful, but developing your own content strategy can be time consuming and hard if you don’t know how.