Sharing On Twitter Up 43% In Q1 Whilst Email Use Drops

Sharing On Twitter Up 43% In Q1 Whilst Email Use Drops

Content sharing on Twitter rose by 43% in the first quarter of this year according to the SharThis quarterly report, while email was the only digital channel to register a significant drop in the period, recording a decrease of 25%.

The figure of 43% for Twitter was significantly better than its 15% increase in sharing for the last three months of 2013.

Sharing on Facebook fared worse than before, rising only 14% compared with a 57% increase from the previous quarter.  Content sharing on Reddit rose by 25%, whereas content sharing on LinkedIn went up 12% and sharing on Pinterest improved by 5%.

The report revealed that 52% of all shares came from mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets as well as desktops all marked increases in content sharing, the first group by 28%, and the second by 11%. ShareThis commented that the significant increase in Twitter sharing was driven by mobile devices as the sharing rate on mobiles overtook the sharing rate on desktops for the first time this quarter.

Advertising on social platforms
In a separate study carried out by YouGov BrandIndex, it was recently discovered that social media users are three times more aware of advertisements than people who actively avoid Facebook and other similar social sites.The research focused on two particular ads by mobile phone retail chain Three, both of which had integrated hashtags in the TV ads in a bid to enhance users’ awareness of them online. Another factor contributing to the success of this campaign, YouGov said, was the presence of the brand itself in social media.