A Written Ode to Our New Senior Copywriter, Danielle Montgomery

What key trends should MARKETERS be on the lookout for in 2020

Okay we lied, it’s not an ode. But we can’t resist new talent, it just seriously goes against our nature of an innovative agency. So it was a good job that Danielle Montgomery came along at the right time so we could snap her up as Senior Copywriter.


Danielle, or Dan as she prefers to be called, is a creative individual with an exceptional natural flair for the written word. Joining us from an inbound marketing background, she can transform bullet points into a best selling novel – if you really wanted her to.

After graduating with a 1st Class BA Hons in Media and Communication, Danielle did the cliché thing of travelling around Australia to really find her true self and the meaning of life. Upon her return she was ready to ditch the thongs (sandals to you and I) and kickstart her career, undertaking a journalism internship before landing a job within another inbound marketing agency.

She may admit to being a daydreamer, but at work this is applied to ideation, challenging the status quo and seeking ways of doing things better. Her bag of tricks doesn’t start and end with copywriting however, as she has a wealth of working knowledge in social media marketing and online PR that will also see her head up the strategies for these key marketing channels.

Being a classic Pisces (eye roll) Danielle invests her entire being into her work and won’t settle for anything short of amazing, and we’re already seeing the impact she is having upon Catalyst and client work.