Securing Your Identity With Brand Guidelines

Securing Your Identity With Brand Guidelines

Your brand identity is everything. From the way employees answer the phone to large scale promotional campaigns, it is vital that you have consistency across all touch points to create a strong and engaging image. 

Your visual identity is how the majority of people associate with the brand so your guidelines must be specific, simple and clear.


Why You Need Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines allow you to manage how your brand is represented on a daily basis by all employees and third parties alike, so that it remains consistent and the tone of voice and visual identity do not become lost or confusing to the public.

You’re Unique – Embrace It

Every organisation is different, a unique identity in its own right therefore the brand guidelines must reflect this and the level of detail can vary. A light version might just define how the logo is used and the colour palette and stationery layouts. However a more indepth one might also look at advert templates, image libraries and word banks, while a comprehensive brand guidelines document may include specific terminology, brochure and imagery styles to name but a few elements.The light version is good for small or new business that are trading on a local scale whereas the standard guidelines are more suited to medium-sized businesses who invest in occasional, multi-media campaigns and is a more developed version of the light option. The detailed option provides clients with an indepth look at their company brand and is good for large businesses who regularly invest in large, multi-media marketing campaigns, highlighting every aspect of the brand in trading.

Alice Jackson

Junior Account Manager