We Are Catalyst – Our Latest Service Update

We Are Catalyst - Our Latest Service Update

We’re always looking to be better and improve. No one’s perfect, (although Paul reckons we’re pretty much there!) but the only way to improve is to review your performances, identify areas for improvement, and to work smarter.

Athletes continuously train and practice to be the best that they can be. Then there’s the next level with the likes of Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, Jessica Ennis, Lewis Hamilton. Each of them train ruthlessly to be the best. They understand that if they don’t then their performances would plateau and begin to decline.

So, the past few months we’ve used our time to look at what we could do better. Our approach to marketing strategy, the Growth Audit, is pretty sound and performs time and time again. 

When we begin the Growth Audit process for you, we start with research and fact-finding, then use that data to produce a lead generation and brand strategy based on real facts rather than assumption. Subsequently we go out and produce incredible marketing campaigns that entice and generate leads for your business. We then pass these leads on to you to close.

This is what the Growth Audits process can look like:

During our brainstorm we asked ourselves what we can do better? How can we help you further? Can we take our service a step closer to the end goal of the sale? 

Introducing our new Lead Qualification Service

This is the newest addition to our services which we’ll be rolling out over the next month. Why? Well, we believe it proves we’re that confident with our approach and lead scoring that we will go a step further in our efforts and deliver not only warm leads, but fully qualified leads that have come through the marketing funnel.

How does this work?

Using our Growth Audit approach we will build out a sales and marketing strategy based on facts, to generate leads and lay the groundwork to reach your goals. We then call, qualify and deliver fully-qualified leads to you, ready to make the sale.

We’re taking our service to the next level, growing our portfolio to help deliver leads closer to the decision-making stage than ever before.

If you’re looking to build a new marketing strategy, receive leads ready to close and grow your business then get in touch today. We will deliver a full-service marketing strategy, warm leads to your sales team and further qualified leads ready to close.

Reach us either by submitting our contact form here, booking a callback here, sending us an email at doug@wearecatalyst.co.uk or giving us a call on 0121 296 5275.