Marketing Growth Fund Announcement

Marketing Growth Fund Announcement

What. A. Year.

2020 is almost over but the challenging times are most definitely not. Yet, being the ever optimistic people we are, we’ve put together a limited time offer to help you get back to marketing your business the way it should be marketed.

We’ve designed three definitive packages, each offering everything you need to drive awareness, educate your audience and convert leads. Better yet, we’ve subsidised these to ensure they’re more budget friendly during these challenging times.

With our packages you’ll be introduced to a dedicated account manager who will be your point of contact, they’ll ensure all your digital marketing activities are on-point and on-time. Behind the scenes they work with the wider Catalyst team. Experts and professionals whose craft has been honed in the range of marketing skill sets from copywriters, web developers, graphic designers to sales professionals and Google experts to everything in between.

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The packages:

Digital Growth Package

Perfect for any business who have a digital presence but are not seeing the returns they should be from their channels or campaigns. This package covers;

  • Website optimisation
  • SEO plan and implementation
  • Content and Email campaigns (2-3 blogs and 1 lead magnet per month)
  • Social marketing optimisation
  • LinkedIn branding and profile optimisation
  • Lead qualification and appointment setting
  • Top level campaign reporting

Cost: £3,000 per month.
*subsidised from £5,000

Digital Transformation Package


Perfect for any organisation who needs to overhaul their business software and tools, and are in need of a shake-up in their approach to the market. This package covers;

  • Website rebuild/rebrand and optimisation
  • SEO plan and implementation
  • Content & Email campaigns (3-4 blogs and 1-2 lead magnets per month)
  • Lead nurturing workflows
  • Social marketing and advertising optimisation
  • LinkedIn branding and profile optimisation
  • PPC management
  • Lead qualification and appointment setting
  • HubSpot migration and support
  • Growth analysis and monthly reporting on campaign performance

Cost: £5,000 per month
*subsidised from £7,000

Digital E-Commerce Package

Ideal for businesses looking to develop an e-commerce website. This will not only cover the development of an e-commerce website, but also the marketing strategy to make it a success. This package covers;

  • E-commerce website design and development
  • SEO plan and implementation
  • Content & Email campaigns (4-5 blogs)
  • Social marketing and optimisation
  • Social advertising management
  • PPC management
  • Full reporting of marketing performance

Cost: £7,000 per month,
*subsidised from £9,000

*All packages are subject to terms and conditions and agreed to three months minimum term.

Additional bolt-ons

There are some services you may want to add on to these packages to expand your marketing efforts even further. These would need to be defined on a project-by-project basis and can cover;

  • Video
  • PR
  • HubSpot Optimisation
  • Additional premium content

Each of these packages will deliver your business leads and ROI. We’ll use research, data and insights to provide the analysis that will determine the best route to growth. This analysis will inform the best fit campaigns for your audience, the right messaging for your brand and the right channels to achieve success.

Due to the subsidiary applied to these packages we only have a limited number that we can deliver. The offer also expires on Friday 18th December 2020. Therefore, if your business is in need of lead generating marketing, website support and an overall strategy, why are you hanging about? Get in touch today and secure your business’ future.