Latest Telegraph Article Shows Catalyst Leads The Way In Manufacturing Research

Latest Telegraph Article Shows Catalyst Leads The Way In Manufacturing Research

Less than 24 hours ago, we published an in-depth present state document compiling latest research on the challenges manufacturing firms can expect to face in the near future.

Specifically, the guide provides a detailed and objective view of a stagnant industry that, while subject to a great deal of hysteria, does present firms with considerable opportunities for capturing market share.

And our findings have been reinforced by the Telegraph.
A recent Telegraph article mirrors our key findings, touching on the fact that to stay competitive, sufficient investment must be made in the areas of R&D and automation.

And the parallels don’t stop there.

In order to avoiding being swallowed by the industry’s stagnation, our guide emphasises the need to for UK SMEs to address a lack of productivity through increased investment in technology and processes: something the Telegraph has been also been quick to pick up on.

Leading The Way
With the Telegraph’s findings consistent with our research, it’s clear we have positioned ourselves as a reliable thought-leader for manufacturers looking to outperform the market and stay one step ahead of industry trends.

And this is no surprise.

In fact, last year we found our manufacturing clients grew 6.8x faster than the industry, experiencing an average turnover growth of 11.7%.

Our Advanced Growth Framework, is a holistic marketing solution and offers industry leading research, campaign execution and reporting services.

If you’d like to access our in-depth manufacturing white paper and discover the opportunities and challenges you can expect to see this year, simply download the guide by clicking below.