Is Twitter’s character extension enough to retain and grow users?

Is Twitter's character extension enough to retain and grow users?

When I heard the news that Twitter would be rolling out changes to their 140 character policy, my first reaction was “great!” We’ve all been in the situation where we’ve had to revisit how we’ve written our tweet due to it being ‘over the limit’. 

Over the coming months, Twitter will be excluding media attachments and @names in reply to Tweets from the 140 character limit, along with other small changes.

This will benefit us all – more characters will allow conversations to be had more easily without having to go back-and-forth so often – but we should question as to why Twitter have made this move? 

Twitter are constantly under threat from other social media platforms like Facebook who infamously grow and retain their users on a daily basis. Many argue that Twitter is struggling to keep up. 


User experience (UX) is at the forefront of the majority of marketing activities currently taking place. This will only grow. Twitter have been smart by addressing this growing frustration from users in the hope to provide them with a simpler, more intuitive experience. 

The next few months will be interesting to analyse the effects of these changes, but it’s still questionable whether these updates are just too small to make a real difference. 

 The simplified tweet rules will make conversations faster and more intuitive for people who come to Twitter everyday and those who are new to the service.