How Video Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

How Video Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

Video marketing, proven to achieve 40% better engagement results than plain text content, helps to sell your services / products, educate and entertain your clients, all in the space of a few minutes.

With digital, online and social media marketing becoming more valuable than traditional methods, it is vital that your business remains current in order to keep your clients interested in your brand.

Types of video marketing

Video marketing can be utilised to promote your business in a variety of ways, giving you the opportunity to engage with a higher audience reach. When deciding on which method is going to provide you with the best results, it is important to understand how the customer will benefit from your video.


A video testimonial is generally more trusted than a written alternative and can increase traffic to the website with specific keywords and links. If you find that customers struggle to connect with your current testimonial method then introducing this form of marketing will help to interact with the audience and allow them to put a face to the feedback.

Show, don’t tell

Similarly, sales videos are similar to a ‘show and tell’ presentation and allow you to reveal and discuss your products or service to engage with your audience. On the other hand, an instructional video is proven to improve customer retention and loyalty and engages with your audience by talking them through the services you offer in a ‘how to…’ video guide. Product demonstrations are also very similar however it focuses on telling your customers why they should buy your product and how it provides a solution or will benefit them. If your customers have any further questions after purchasing your product, avoid long telephone explanations and direct them to a demonstration video that does it all for you.

Show them your world

Another method of marketing is a ‘behind the scenes’ video, this is a great way to show your clients who yo uare as a company and help to visualise your working methods by giving them an insight into your working world.

Benefits of Video Marketing


Improve website SEO and increase traffic to the website as search engines prioritise links with rich media content such as videos.


Gain credible, expert status through sharing your knowledge with clients in an engaging way.


Increase online visibility through social media sharing. Popular videos can go viral all over the world and are known to reach thousands of views within the first few hours.


Create a global connection 24/7 as the internet doesn’t function around a 9-5 schedule, with no limitations to your reach potential.