How to Rock Marketing Automation

How to Rock Marketing Automation

The below article drew me in with its title. It stirred curiosity based on a well-known performer from my past (I’m showing my age here 🙂 

The writer uses the rockstar Bruce Springsteen to highlight that the most valuable part of effective marketing automation is insight. Spot on!

Although the name, marketing automation, suggests otherwise, it is not robotic. The software can help marketers yield high ROI, but it requires a consistent human touch. 


Without understanding what motivates, challenges and satisfies your audience, you can’t get the most out of your marketing efforts. And although tools can provide us with data, it takes a person to interpret the data and use this knowledge to create better campaigns.

The value of the tool is giving your employees more time to use the data it collects.

Marketers triumph when they connect with the heart of the buyer’s day-to-day needs.