How to incorporate the Christmas Spirit into B2B marketing

How to incorporate the Christmas Spirit into B2B marketing

We’re in the middle of the festive season and the B2C sector knows how to utilise Christmas to the fullest. But how about B2B? Let’s see how B2B marketing strategies can get into the Christmas spirit.

1. Pamper your clients
First off, this is the perfect opportunity to delight your current clients. Email your existing clients, or send them a Christmas card, to thank them for their continued support and make this personal. Show them they are valued and important to your business, creating even more loyalty. You could even include a photo of the team in their Christmas jumpers to bring a bit of festive cheer if that would fit your brand. Your most valued clients should receive a personal gift, preferably delivered in person, but that might not always be possible. You’ll also need to plan this in advance as a lot of people take extra time off around Christmas. The most important thing to remember is that a happy client could lead to more clients as they should be more than willing to recommend you to others.

2. Show off those Christmas Jumpers!
Although we are a charitable nation, at Christmas time we usually show even more goodwill; dig even deeper into our already stretched purse. If your business supports charities, use this as a way to give a little insight into the company’s culture. Blog, tweet and post about your social endeavours and appeal to everyone’s compassion, whilst also showing them some personality. Even better, engage with clients by involving them in your charitable activities during Christmas time. Post that picture of everyone in their Christmas jumper, show which charity you’ve supported this year, and ask your clients to respond with theirs.

3. Don’t forget to schedule content over the holiday
Although most people switch off from work over Christmas, you can bet that a lot of business managers find themselves scrolling through emails and business articles when they think they can get away with it. Take advantage of this by scheduling content between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. Make sure it relates to your audience’s pain points that they will want to solve in the new year – any business decisions they have to make – and you’re onto a winner. Don’t forget to schedule social messages for this period too as this is the way to get your content in front of them. I’m sure they will have a cheeky scroll on Twitter, even on Boxing Day! Make sure you ask for contact details in return for a download, special discount or Christmas offer, and you can grow your sales leads for the New Year.

4. Have some festive fun
If you’ve got easy to use CMS and your team can make changes to the website without much fuss, add a Christmas banner to the website wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Or why not go one step further and have a Christmas competition in which your clients can win prizes. Think 12 days of Christmas or a QUIZmas. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Once again it is a way to show your appreciation whilst also showing a more human side to your business. After all, people buy from people.

Although this list is by no means extensive, these are 4 quick easy tips that can be incorporated by everyone. All that’s left for us to do is wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!